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Hi I'm new to this site. Just wanted to let off some steam regarding my recent bout of flu (even though I've had a flu jab)! This will be my fifth cold/virus this year - the last three being since the beg of Nov. It totally p****s me off to be honest. I've got to admit my asthma is well controlled in between getting colds but once I've got one it's like waiting for the guillotine to drop. I just know my asthma will play up and that feeling of dread comes over me like a black cloud. I try and explain it to my husband and friends who try and understand but I just know they don't. My son started with a virus just after the schools shut and I just went into meltdown - crying that our Xmas would be ruined. Everyone kept saying it would be OK I had a week to go but I just knew that I would get it and the whole of Xmas would be ruined. I don't mean to sound like a spoilt child but I just wanted Xmas to be really great for my two kids. As it happened I did get it (what a surprise) on Xmas Eve. Usual story starts as a normal cold then develops on chest then lingers there for an eternity - my puffers don't seem to work like they normally do, I end up at Docs and they say my chest is clear!!! Don't see how this is possible when I can hear it clearly myself. They gave me anti-bio just in case. Am so sick of this disease. I know people out there have it worse than me and my heart goes out to them because you just struggle to live a normal life - I really do understand even though normal people don't. Just wondered if anybody out there seems to be getting more colds/chest infections since starting on Seretide cos I'm sure I didn't used to get this many when not on it. I'm going to see the asthma nurse soon to see if she can give me anything that works well be virus induced asthma - anybody else have any ideas? I was going to see if leukotrine tablets did the trick - I'm desperate I can't go through another year of constant colds and bad asthma it really affects my emotional state of well being cos I can't be a proper mum to my boys when my asthma is bad. Rant over .. regards to everyone.

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Welcome Helen35.

I take seretide and I dont think it makes me worse.

Since having asthma the last 2 to 3 years ive had lots of colds,flu ,chest infections,bad throats

and lots of penicillin and steroids.

My asthma seems to set everything off and colds etc set my asthma off.

Usually after steroids I get everything going and after penicillin its a viscous circle.

Hope your asthma nurse is helpful and you get your asthma under better control when you

are unwell .

love Glynis. xxx

ps lots of us on here have a clear chest and dont weeze.

if you type dont weeze in the serch box at the top right of the page it should come up xxx


Hi Heleen

I would suggest talking to your doctor/nurse about it. I have had many chest infections and colds which had a tendancy to set of the asthma. But suffered from this before taking seteride too so don't know if there is a link.

Take care,



Hi Helen,

I am so with you on the getting everything going. When people come into work sick, I know I will get a chest infection and be ill for weeks/months, but people just don't seem to care/understand. They think you're a whinging/moany git and have no time for listening.

And when you say that you know you aren't right and the doc says your chest sounds clear, I have been there so many times. I can have a reasonable peak flow and feel like rubbish, but get sent away. You feel like you've been wasting the docs time. I kind of feel like I've got to be at deaths door before they do anything. So, I've got the asthma action plan leaflet off this website and I'm going to see the asthma nurse the week after next. I am going to make her sit down and fill it out with me, so that I know where I stand. I'm fed up of guessing and not having any proper guidance from the doc. We need to take our own action plan by the scruff of the neck and get them to help us know what to do and when.

I don't feel like Seretide has helped me either since I started taking it, my peak flow readings have stayed about the same as prior to taking Seretide, although I've still had chest infections each year since taking it..... I also have Spiriva now.

Perhaps also see your asthma nurse for some help?


Hi Helen35,

Just wanted to say 'you rant!' Asthma can so dominate our lives at times and I find it hard to stay optimistic at times and believe that mine will ever calm down again. I think people who don't have asthma don't realise the physical effort it takes to do normal things, stay cheerful and rely on medication that doesn't always solve the problem. It can be very wearing. I don't have any children but, I can imagine how much you want to be at your best for your children and can't be.

Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon

Jac xx


Thanks to everyone who has so far replied - it has given me a boost to know that at least a handful of people out there understand the hell that is caused when an asthmatic person gets a ""cold"". It sounds so harmless but can cause alot of grief. I really wish someone would invent a cure for the common cold but somehow I don't think that will happen anytime soon!! I'm going to cheer myself up with some shredded duck pancakes - that usually works along with a cheeky glass of wine although at the moment I don't think I should be having that, maybe just a little glass for medicinal purposes only!

Thanks again. H x


Hey Helen, glad you've found the place for a rant. It helps :-)

I'm on seretide too and I think it makes a difference over all, but not always. I had a chest infection a few weeks ago - the same thing: someone came into work with a cold and then everyone else got it. I don't think any drugs can stop colds affecting asthmatics worse than non-asthmatics. I think all we can do is try to avoid colds and flu and eat well, get enough exercise, sleep, etc. And hope for the best...


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