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Reflux op

I met with a surgeon in Dec who has said that I have severe Reflux and need surgery to hopefuly stop the reacurent chest infections which is making my asthma worse. I feel like I am now in a catch 22 I have to be well to have surgery and free from steroids but without the surgery I am getting frequent infections. I have had 3 since October and have onlt managed a couple of weeks free of steroids. I am now back on antibiotics 30mg of oral steroids. I spoke with the hospital and having been told I would have surgery end of Jam beging of Feb Ive just heard that they like to have patients seen within 18 weeks which takes me to April. My concerns are I will continue to have episodes of infections and wont be free from steroids. I am really down with all this and fed up of being stuck in the house fearful of catching more bugs or the cold air making my coughing fits worse. I am constantly coughing day and night which is productive green but all my tests for lung function xrays etc are all normal sorry just needed to sound of Elaine

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Sound off as much as you like, honey. That's what so good about these pages. Somewhere to have a moan and kick without hurting one's toe or other half.

hugsies, xxx


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