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Pain relief... anyone any ideas? Please help!


Ive had very very bad lower back pain since Jan this year. The pain is so severe im physically sick, and sometimes the pain goes into my right side. I do have a few other symptoms as well.

Ive seen lots of docs re this, but still no idea of whats wrong. Im on double strength prescription pain killers and ive tried heat, lying down, walking but nothing seems to help. any ideas of what could be wrong, and or how to help stop the pain???



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Know anyone who does reiki? that can help with pain relief. I am learning this and have done level one. In level two we learn how to do Distance Reiki and I start leve Two in January however I am willing to give it a shot and see if I can send some distance reiki to you anyway.

I make no promises but have known it to help with lots of things


I had my sciatic nerve trapped during day surgery, after 5 weeks of agony and my GP telling me it would go...... I went to a chiropractor. Fantastic! I was up and about again within days and after a few sessions and regular maintenance it is now absolutely brilliant. Heat is not always the answer, ice can be better but to be honest you need to see a chiro or an osteopath and get a proper diagnosis.

If you can, use word of mouth and get a recommendation.



Forgot to say, get a TENS machine too. £15 in Asda in recent months and absolutely brilliant. It tells you where to put the pads etc.



thanks guys. ive got a docs appt on new years eve, and hopefully will get further then.

I saw a chiropractor 10 days before the pain started early this year, and it was where he was pressing - even though i went to see him for a shoulder complaint!!! It shouldnt still be hurting a year after though. not that i can say it as anything to do with the chiropractor or not. i dont know reiki but it is something that i will look into, but so far ive had scans, ultrasounds, even an op to see what is wrong, but nothing has shown up so far.


back pain

try a tens machine but be careful if you have allergies as adesive on pads may cause problem speak to asthma nurse or consultant hope this helps


breathing exercises


Does anyone else have problems with thier teenagers taking thier inhalers and doing their breathing exercises.

My 15 year daughter has been advised by her physio to do 15mins morning and night to control her breathing better. She also seems to be in denial at the moment about when she needs to take more inhaler.

Any help appreciated.




sorry should have sent last message as new post


Another one in favour of tens!!!

sometimes find alot better than morphine drugs am on?

im too struggling with lower back pain its horrid i really feel for you. ive crushed vertebre thanks to steroid induced ostoeporosis and my own stupid fault of now taking fosamax that was supposed to and not owning upto struggling with it and thus now how wonderful iv one every 3mths!! so much easier!!!

Am going in hosp on 2nd for top up and hopefully changing pain meds about as dispite a hefty dose of morphine still struglling? become immune to it i know u become tollerent?

Does anyone know if can wear tens at night as my pain worse at night and hwen first got physio said cant do but have since been told you can so am confused?

Andrea xxxx


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