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200mcg Salbutamol

I have gone back to taking my meds for a while now, have had a review with the asthma nurse, and a flu jab - except, that when I have a severe attack (this happens regularly), my reliever hardly touches me. However, the other day I had a particularly bad one, my reliever wasn't helping, but a friend I was with had a 200mcg salbutamol accuhaler - in my ""i'll do anything"" frame of mind, I tried this inhaler - and it did just the job at taking the edge off my attack so that I could use a spacer neb-style and get rid of it more-or-less completely.

Is this type of inhaler common enough? Does anyone here use it? I would think that during these attacks it would be more sensible for me to have a stronger reliever, as even in not-so-severe attacks my normal 100mcg ventolin works inefficiently for an hour at most or not at all... Are there any specific symptoms you have to display in order to be prescribed one, or just be really severe?

I'm sorry this post is a little muddled, I'm half asleep :S

Emz x

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If you took 2 puffs of your normal mdi inhaler with 100mcg that is the same as one puff of the 200mcg accuhaler. The accuhaler has more in one puff so in effect most people would only take one puff of the accuhaler.

How much did you then use with the mdi via the spacer?

The accuhaler is breathe activated and doesn't need coordination like MDIs without a spacer. It is an alternative for people who are unable to co-ordinate MDIs but does contain dry powder.

I wouldn't regard it as stronger, just taken in a different way - just one puff instead of 2.

I woudl discuss it with your GP or asthma nurse.

Also sharing of medication not specifically prescribed for you is not adviseable.

It may look similar but may not suit you (EG the dry powder in the accuhaler is lactose)

Hope this helps a bit and you are feeling better and glad you are taking your meds again!!




Thanks for your reply!

I know I shouldn't take meds not meant for me, and normally I would not do it, but I was kinda at my wits end and rather p****d off with the attack!

Usually during an attack I'l have two or so puffs without a spacer, then if there's no improvement I've been told to take 10 puffs through a spacer, although sometimes I have to repeat this two or even three times.

It's fair enough that it may not be stronger but just less to take if that makes sense, but I will ask into it, but, as you pointed out, I'm now not sure if there'd be any benefit!

Emz x


Hi Emz,

If you are needing to take much more of your inhaler to relieve attacks e.g. 3 + lots of 10 puffs through a spacer then it would be worth discussing it with your GP again.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Sparkly Fairy


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