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Hi there all

on a number of occasions now ive had to have sando k , after hourly nebs reduced my pottasium levels . i seem to have about 18 days out of every month of sando k then levels go back down so its restarted or if im in hospital i have iv pottasium.. was just wondering if anyone is on this permanatly or is it just a drug that is when and if required..

would it be best for me to be on it all the time obviously with reg blood test ?

hopefully this post will not confuse you!!

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  • Hi Roxy,

    Over the past few years, I too have had problems maintaining my potassium levels, especially if my nebs or other meds were upped if I was bad, or in hospital. I used to have frequent spells n sano K or slow K. Then a couple of yesrs ago I had a routine blood test and it was revealed that my potassium levels were just 1, and I was lucky I had not had a heart attack, as when they did an ECG I had abnormalities, i was rushed to hospital and put on ivs, since then i have permantly been on potassium I have monthly blood tests done although my levels remain on the low side but are now more stable. im not sur if this is normalor not as I also have anorexia and so this is thought to contribute to not replenishing my potassium stores especially if my weight is down or im not eating well.

    Hope this helps a bit, have u you discussed it with your doctors?

    Libby x

  • hi libby

    thanx for your advice , no my gp dont really have much to do with my brittle asthma care if i have a prob my consultant or someone will usually see me in clinic.. im in clinic next week so will discuss about stopping on it more permanatly as it seams im off and on all the time .. the dangers of low k as you said can effect your heart and you can get palpitations which has happend on a few occasions mostly when vented in itu and they give me iv pottasium which does the trick very quick..

  • Hi Roxy,

    Definately discuss with your cons, whilst it was my local cons that delt with the initial emergency of giving ivs etc. and sent me home on potassium supplements, but it was actually my cons Dr MG at the Brompton who actually decided it would be a good idea for me to stay on it more permentantly, so long as bloods were ok.

    Libby x

  • Potassium levels

    This may not work for everyone but I find when my potassium levels are low I drink everything in sight then have to get up about 5 times to pass lots of urine. If they are OK I don't.

    another trick is to check the pH of the urine. Very acid ie5 may mean low K and very alkaline too much BUT this is very susceptible to other things so do not rely on it.

    They are not an alternative to blood tests - pity- but I find it helps.

    PS If you are on a very low salt diet get your chloride checked - low chloride seems to stop the diaphram working properly. And yes you can have normal/high potassium and sodium and a low chloride.

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