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Nebulized steroids

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on nebulized steroids. I have flixotide 2mg twice a day through my neb. When I first started on flixotide nebs I was given a Ventstream nebulizer chamber with a filter attached to it by the hospital. It needed replacing but my GP just tried to give me a normal nebulizer with mask. I told them it needed to be a mouthpiece nebulizer as I cant let the medicine get on my face so they gave me a normal nebulizer with mouthpiece. They didnt seem to know about the filters etc (or about using a mouthpiece) Is it important that it has a filter on it or can I just use a normal neb atttachment with mouthpiece???

I realize that this question will only make sense to a few of you out there!!!!

It's just that the whole steroid neb thing seems a bit confused when talking to docs at both GPs and hospital.

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I use Pulmicort 1mg nebs twice a day and use them with my Omron MicroAir (little diddy neb) with a mouthpiece. I have had to buy the mains attachment for it though as found it tended to gobble up batteries with the steroid nebs. Please people correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think this has a filter and when I was in hospital I was given my steroid nebs through a normal neb without a filter so don't think it's a problem. Hope this is of some help !


I also neb pulmicort and do not use a filter just a mouthpiece and then wash everyting afterwards including my mouth! in costa lucky to get it washed out at all never mind filters!



Hi Karly,

The only thing that does need a filter are nebbed antibiotics.

An ordinary neb and mouthpiece should be OK.

Have you tried the company that makes your neb? (can't remember which one you have compressor wise??)

I buy my neb bits every year from Profile / Respironics for my Freeway freedom and they do Mouthpieces as that is what I get - I nab the masks from the hospital!

Hope this answers your queries!

Take care





I too nebulise Flixotide 2mg twice a day and use an Omron Microair. I do, like Frenchfi find that they gobble up the battery power and take a long time but I use the mask or the mouthpiece and again don't think it has a filter but it seems to work OK. I do find you need to wash it out a lot as some of the powder tends to get left behind but have only had my Omron for a short amount of time anyway and am meticulous about washing it out (I know I'm sad!!).

Hope this helps.

Foxy xx


Thanks for the info. Yes, it does clog my neb chambers up quickly. I get them from my GP and they are intersurgical ones I think with mouthpieces. I do have an Omron MicroAir but only neb my steroids through this when I'm away from home. I usually use my compresser neb from the hospital.

I find that my steroids take ages to neb and I get so bored!!!! Is this because it's so thick???? My salbutamol and combivent dont take anyway near as long.

Thanks for the advice


It is sooo boring I agree its a suspension I think rather than a solution so takes ages try to watch TV while I do it or something



The dose of my flixotide accuhaler is noe equivalent to a neb apparently they are doing it this way more and more for those of us with nebs that cant handle steroids!

Sorry just sticking my hossie addled O2 deprived somments!



I used to neb pulmicort but then got changed to ciclesonide inh which workes better. My lungs and body don't like steroids!



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