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has anyone seen the new Medix/Clement Clarke Microneb??

It seems to be identical to the Omron MicroAir, all except the product name! How strange! Just wondered if anyone had bought one and if it is the exact same product. Also thought it might be cheaper than the Omron Micro Air to buy. I am needing a replacement for my Omron MicroAir soon so have been having a look at nebs generally.

Also been looking at the Respironics Aeroneb Go. Does anyone know whether this is a good product. Looks very good but not heard of anyone who has one. It's always good to find out what other people think about these things, before you buy one.

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I just had a look it looks exactly the same as the omron! heres a link to it

i have the omron also but my cf friend has the aeroneb its silent like the omron just as small the only thing i dont like about it is the little remote control

the omrons are only £95 now! bargain!

hope you find the right one for you

clare x


Agree - it's a re-badged Omron, surely!!


Hi Karly,

Omrons from Evergreens are the cheapest around. Lloyds chemists do them for £99 - good to remember in an emergency as they are on the shelf.

Aeroneb go - a no go from what I have heard - has all sorts of problems plus you have to replace the handset thingy every year which is very expensive.

Will have a nose at the microneb...........

Yes, looks just like the Omron with a different Logo. Perhaps omron has lost the patent on it - does that happen? I know drugs can be made by other companies after a time .... Oh and it is £110 on the medix site.




Thanks for the info. How strange! it seems the microneb is the Omron Microair with a different logo, yet the Microneb costs more by the looks of things. Didnt realize the Omrons had come down in price that much. Maybe they have sold the product over to Clement Clarke now. It's a mystery!


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