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chest infection blues please help

Hello, i'm a 25 year old childcare worker who has had asthma since I was around 8 years old and am quite used to having it.

I began starting to feel ill just over 3 weeks ago but continued going to work for a further week.

I continued getting worse and I have since then had 2 weeks off and have been ill with a chest infection.

My breathing is terrible, when I breathe out it is very loud and rattles. The doctor seemed concerned and put me on Amoxcillin antibiotic and prednisolone steroids x 6 a day! Although I wasn't elated about being put on steroids, I was pleased as I thought it would go away. The problem is it hasn't gone away. I went back to the doctors this week and she has given me 2 weeks more of steroids and antibiotics, she also put me on a nebuliser - which made no difference at all.

My inhailers have been increased which and im using the blue inhailer 5 times a day.

One of the worst parts of this is my body has just given in, in my head I feel ok but my legs are SO wobbly and weak when I walk. I had a chest xray yesterday and walking around the hospital was a nightmare.

I have been home in in bed for over 2 weeks which doesn't sound long, but every day waking up with no progress is now getting me down. I just wish I could walk around and see some signs of improvement.

I am in the process of having allergy tests done (after 10 years of asking!) because I can rarely breathe through my nose and saw a specialist who said im so allergic to things that my nose is awfully blocked - this doesn't help when I can't breathe through my nose or mouth!!!

I know many asthma sufferers have chest infections, I've had many before but nothing like this. I appreciate other people are much worse off than me and maybe I just need to give it time but I am worried that things aren't improving.

If you have had something similar or have any advise i'd be really graeful, many thanks Lisa x

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Hi, sorry you are feeling so rubbish, I know how you feel when you just don't see any improvements. I have had many chest infections, but the worst was when I was first diagnosed with asthma a couple of years ago and I was laid up at home, off work for 6 weeks! Antibiotics (2 lots) and steroids didn't help at all. In the end the doctor just gave up and said I would have to leave it to get better by itself. Not sure I can give advice, but for me an Otrivine nasal spray helped, along with medicine at night that makes you drowsy so helps you sleep (eg Night Nurse), although I became nocturnal coughing all night and only able to sleep in the day time. Since then the merest hint of a cold goes on my chest and I go to the docs quickly for drugs otherwise it just lingers. Struggling on at work when you know you are ill just makes it last a lot longer so you are better off taking time off if you can. I really hope you feel better soon.



Thank you so much Karen for your kind response. You have reassured me, I will rest rest rest! X


...really sorry you are feeling so rubbish! Its horrible & people often dont understand how a chest infection affects an asthmatic. Ive had six this year & the side effects of steriods, antibiotics etc really do whack it out of you, while the coughing, (gunk that comes up) & constant breathlessness creates a deep fatigue!

Ive found that lying on my tummy with my head & shoulders over the end of the bed (dangling down) is really effective at clearing the gunk, which gives me an hour or so respite, (especially if combined with nebuliser) - Ive got both combivent (salbutamol & ipratropium mix) & also ventolin, salamol, ipratropium as individuals but none have been as effective as pure saline ones (Sodium Chloride) in clearing the yuk & making breathing a little easier (does cause you to cough initially though I found) It sounds like you really need these tests done! I like Olbas oil just to help clear my nose, or there is a beconaise spray which is quite effective too!

Sometimes you do need a longer course of steriods, tapering off over a period of a few weeks so try not to worry, but do push for all the tests possible, sometimes GPS dont always put two & two together!

Good luck & hope you feel better soon!

scotia :)


hi! im so sorry youre feeling really rubbish, but if its any consolation, so am i atm as i also ahve a chest infection! its normal for youre legs to be wobbly after two weeks in bed, it will just take time to work your muscles and body to be used to walking about again (i cant really talk, as i am becoming paraplegic and my dad brought my wheelchair over today, so my legs are just useless at the best of times, lol!) you might ask your GP about prescribing some physio sessions to get the muscles back into condition when the infection has cleared off. the other thing i wondered about was if you had, or needed to get your sputum tested, as depending on what type of infection it is, it responds to different types of antibiotics, and so its possible you may need a different sort? maybe ask your GP about this also.

i do hope you start to feel better soon, yes rest is the best thing possible! all the best.

Rose xxx


Thank you

Thank you everyone for your kind messages. I think the steroids are finally kicking in! :-) I am much less wheezy and feel better in myself. My legs are still wobbly and am starting to get up around the house now, it's just going to take time.

I think i've taken for granted that I am usually quite lucky with my asthma and it's made me realise how it can really affect your whole body and how badly others must suffer.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas! x x


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