The all-new shiny Football season!!

Its that time of year again people,when the bright shiny dawn of expectation is horribly crushed within weeks by the clunking fist of disappointment-but heres hoping anyhow!!

-anyone ""new"" who wants to join the banter is welcome-perhaps they can solve the baffling riddle of why Andy Johnson thinks a move to Fulham is a good career move??? or why everyone seems to be wearing Liverpool shirts this Summer??

Good luck to your teams! (even Watford ,GF !!!!)

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  • woohoo cant wait for the new season to start! maybe chelsea will do better this year! we do have an excellent new manager after all hmmmmm heres hoping! goodluck everyone else apart form man u and liverpool grrrr!

  • As a devout saints supporter am very used to the clunking fist of disappointment but still live in hope that perhaps one day they mite actually win a game or even (and i think i just saw a pig fly a helicopter past the window!!) get back to the premiership!!

    My grandad however takes great delight in my disappointment and helpfully suggests around this time of the season that perhaps this year i should give in and join him in his support of his beloved Pompey (eek!!). My brother is even more helpful on this subject... he supports Blackburn because apparently thats where all the good Saints players end up eventually!

    Is it possible to divorce your family on the grounds of misguided football loyalty?!

    Fingers crossed for an entertaining season whatever happens!!

  • The clunking fist of disappointment is hit already!!! Rangers are out of Europe and the season hasn't even started yet. Bah humbug!!! Better luck to everyone else

  • Season tickets have arrived position new allocated for wheelchair cos the half mile hike and stairs to my old seat were knocking me flat before the match started, 1st match is home to Wolves who have sold out their allocation, not seen a football kicked anger for eons due to be in hospital for the last month of last sesaon (I may never forgive my consultant) and its going to rain in fact its not going to rain its going to pour and I am going to get seriously seriously wet.

    Why do I do this?


  • Midgie-hope to disappoint your brother next week,Blackburn are our first match-although they did beat us at Goodison last season so maybe he will be laughing again!!

  • Not a good start to the season - Lost 2-1 to Cardiff!! mind u it was due to a last minute goal by cardiff... Oh dear looks like another season of disappointment! Much ribbing was had from all sides over weekend esp from a certain blackburn supporter!

    Needless to say i will indeed be shoutin for Everton this weekend!!

  • It was wet very wet!

  • hi Bex,

    Saturday was crazy wet - thought we were in the middle of a monsoon! Your boys did ok thou 2-2 is a good result!

    midgie x

  • Warning...sit down before reading!

    Its a minor miracle - Saints have actually WON a game!!!!! they beat Exeter 3-1 in the carling cup - Woo!

    Midgie (enjoying a rare moment of football celeration!) ;)

  • On Saturday I was soaked through to my underwear, but it was a cracking game and kept refusing to leave and get into the dry.

  • Am i really the only Liverpool supporter on here (im fighting a loosing battle !!)

    Come on boys !

    Really hoping my Mansfield town boys will get out of the blue square and be where they belong (although wont hold my breath !!)

    oh and the liverpool shirts - WE RULE (hehe !!)

  • BAH !

    The clunking fist visited Goodison early this season-although after watching MOD ,the 3rd Blackburn goal was offside-but swings and roundabouts,maybe we will get one or two of those decisions as the season goes on-Midgie,your brother will STILL be laughing!!!!

  • smug brother


    I have indeed got a very smug brother this weekend not only did they beat your boys but Saints are now bottom of the championship table being one of the few teams to still have no points!! Same old saints story they lost 2-1 despite being 1=0 up at half time!

    Today should be fun as he is coming down for our mum's 50th...eeek much ribbing in store for me! Although the Olympics and start of his rugby season should give me enough diversionary topics so maybe I will survive dinner!! Failing that I'm sure i can land him with his favourite niece just as she needs her nappy changed and miraculously disappear... or is that a bit mean??

  • Yippee Hull City won 2.1 and we played really well too! proving the pundits wrong, they all said we would be another Derby - they are writing us off before we start! Fingers crossed that we don't do a Derby! Bluejam that last goal was definately offside - you were robbed! Never mind its only a game.... NOT!, Lois x

  • Anyone got a fantasy football team. How about creating an asthma uk league and comparing results?

  • Chelsea play wigan sunday lets hope we do aswell as last sunday!! I can watch it as its on setanta yay!

  • Is it possible to have a crisis point this early in the season??-Evertons board deserve to be horse-whipped for the way they have mis-managed this off-season;we now have a depleted team,Cahill still out,Pienaar out for 6weeks plus,Anichebe still in China ,Andy Johnson allowed to leave without a replacement,and a subs bench of un-tested teenagers-well at least they might have a go given a chance!!-no wonder Moyes is fed up!-and the last time we played the Baggies away,we got tonked 4-0!!-

    ah well,at least its sunny this morning!

  • Whatever was I talking about this morning??

    Get in there, ""kids"" !!!!

    -any truth in the rumour that Liverpools new sponsors will be Hartleys?????

  • Can anyone please explain to me what they see in football. i have 3 avid Man Utd fans in my house so am definitely out numbered but im sorry give me RUGBY any day!!!

    As for the amount the footballers get paid - well dont get em started on that!!!!

    I have really enjoyed watching decent talented sports men and women and now its back to wimps who get carted off cos someone touched them!!!

    Sorry just had to get that off my chest i will go back into hiding in my tent!!!

  • Chelsea 1-0 woohoo I actually decided to watch the closing ceremony of the olympics instead of watching Chelsea on setanta! its not like I can watch them play all the time there games only get showed on setanta every few months! But the olympics are only on every 4 years so i decided it was ok lol!!

  • Hopalong:you are correct,footballers are,by and large,cretinous overpaid oafs but there is a marvellous communal thrill in it at its best,and for many of us growing up in fairly poor council estates,football was our ""glamour"" -before glamour became Posh and Becks and WAGS and Hello Mag-I do follow my local Rugby League team too,players who I sometimes work with as well-keeping it ""real"" as I believe the kids say.

  • Bets on first manager to be sacked are on Paul Jewell at Derby. Bottom of Championship after relegation, with lowest points and goals ever in Premier League.

    On Rugby, the season starts next weekend with my local team, Saracens taking on Harlequins at Twickers.

  • Re: Everton V Portsmouth-as a famous soothsayer once said; ""Woe,Woe and thrice Woe!!""-you would think after I had made the effort to travel down right off night shift and then went straight back to work after travelling back that your players would show a similar commitment,but no!!!

  • Bring on the reds at Goodison!

  • Whats the deal with Keegan?-never forget how he ""bottled"" the England job after that defeat to Germany!!

  • I'll be more inclined to agree with him this time, if it turns out he has left the club. Newcastle's website goes to some length to point out that he's not been sacked and is still part of the future of the club.

    However, three big name transfers that he was promised failed to materialise, and after telling the fans that James Milner was not for sale the board went and sold him to Aston Villa. If he's left it would be down to the board not backing him during the transfer window rather than ""bottling it"" as he did with both England and Newcastle the first time he managed them.

  • Newcastle are really browned of with KK, may be he has got the amber light.

  • Keegan's resigned

  • So long as they dont try and ""steal"" Moyes,I,m not really surprised/bothered.

  • Newcastle is a poisoned chalice. No one, in their right mind would take that job. Feel sorry for the fans, who are passionate supporters to have a club run by clowns.

  • Saw a story on the Everton nesgroup that they are interested in Moyes. We had better keep him though. We will pick up soon. What about England's chances against the mighty Andorra?

  • Time for Capello to start earning his keep tomorrow night-do you think he has already had second thoughts about the England job???

  • Second thoughts? The press do it all for you in that job. Let's hope they win tomorrow. Is it on telly?

  • England won! Hooray.

  • Well done England !!-pity I couldnt watch any of it.

    NB-Andy,did you see that our new signing Jacobsen has been injured already?-""possible"" fractured shoulder-BAH!

  • oh,the irony of it: Liverpool fans discussing the ManU game yesterday ""We,re due a win against them,its about time the luck went our way!!!!!??????""-I nearly choked on my breakfast Clemmy!

    oh,and we didnt get a penalty again today-hope MOTD will prove Moyes right again,and welcome back Tim Cahill!

  • bluejam, watch the replay tonight and you will see it was handball in the area and there was no foul on the defender. Moyes was sent off though and I hope the FA will do something about it because it was an unjustified decision on the part of the ref. The linesman on that side wasn't much help either.

    Shame about our man being injured but we're up to 10th now. Hooray!

  • To all Liverpool fans who mocked us for ""struggling"" to beat Stoke last week-NAH,NAH NYAAAH !

  • Anyone participating in the Liverpool bashing seen the table today?!

  • Yes,but its our ""job"" as Evertonians to be the annoying wasp at your summer picnic-its just banter!

  • Everton,s quest to help every other team in the premiership with an own goal is proceeding on course

    memo to players:dont give own goals away and you,ve won 4 games!!

    Is it true that standing close to Phil Brown causes sunburn??-I have asked ""local"" expert Lois to investigate!!

  • Do you ever get the impression your favourite team is trying to kill you?????

  • Merseyside derby this weekend. Come on you blues!

  • As late great Bill Shankly once said:

    ""There are two teams in Liverpool, Liverpool FC and Liverpool FC reserves

  • Yes GF,but not many people know that Shanks was an Evertonian at heart as is Gerard and Carragher and it is only the lure of cash that has made them ""stray"":

    Carragher on Talksport recently said he still refers to the mid 80,s Everton side as ""us""

    -re todays game;we were rubbish!

  • Can I just say how much I hate this season so far,the notable exception being Hull doing so well-what odds can you get on Everton,Newcastle AND Spurs getting relegated !!!!???

  • We got beaten again but don't give up bluejam.

  • Well I,ve stuck with them since 1969 Andy and I,ll never give up on them !!-anything less is just Kopite behaviour!!!

  • Football is for fairies, one little knock and they get carted off the field on a stretcher and months off the pitch. Rugby now theres a game. Real men play this game. Loads of knocks, blood streaming off them and yet these guys keep on playing. The only thing that is shining in the football world is the massive cups they win and all those people who part with their hard earned pennies to pay over inflated wages to football players.

    Yes guys you guessed it cannot stand the beautiful game.


  • just wanted to congratulate Everton on holding us to a draw.

  • Nice seeing Liverpool doing Chelski

    What about the whinging toe rag, Ferguson, moaning about his prema donnas getting their hair ruffled, and also that moron Rooney's behaviour.

  • Was nice to see one saints team win yesterday even if it was an NFL team! the actual saints much to my horror but not utter surprise are really not doing so good!

    Mind you I did cheer up a little yesterday when Spurs announced their new manager (my grandad has his black armbands out - heavenforbid if harry tries to go back to Pompey again after this!).

  • Lordy Lord;Everton win a game!!!!-hopefully Andy Johnson wont score against us on Saturday and I,m sure he wont get the ""ribbing"" that Rooney got !!

    and thanks Cathy,we need all the help we can get at the mo.

  • Tough luck for Hull today-and for GF ""Oh I do like to be beside the seaside......

  • What a strange old day for football, Stoke beating Arsenal and Tottenham beating Liverpool - got to give Harry respect for this miraculous turnaround that has seemingly not just boosted Tottenham but hopefully shattered Arsenal and Liverpool too

  • chelsea 5-0 woohoooo we are back where we belong, thanks to tottenham, at the top :OP

  • I know everyone ""hates"" Man Utd, but that game with Arsenal was great football.

  • *in stomps a dedicated Man U supporter waving her jersey*

  • I am so glad I don't support my local team, they did really well last season aparantly. But last weekend they played so badly that their own supporters booed and jeered them off the pitch. But never mind it made my last gp appointment easier as I could tease him about it (he supports them). So whilst I hate football, at times I have to admit it has been an advantage.

  • Shame about the Liverpool result last night !!-(barely suppressed tittering)

  • Nice to see the ""commitment"" from our Premiership players towards the Germany game !!??

  • Having said that ,the ""second"" team did well.

    Moyes fined by the FA again for having the temerity to actually question a rubbish refereeing decision-so whats new???????

  • Thanks to this cold Arctic weather, which has already triggered a respiratory reaction, I shall have to forego my attendance at Vicarage Road to see the 'orns despatch the Sheppards Bush Steptoe & Son QPahahah to oblivion.

  • never mind gorn fishing, still rugby on the welly this afternoon. Come on Wales!

  • Keep your dirty 15 a side rugby off our shiny football thread !!

    dont forget :13 GOOD 15 BAD (apologies to George Orwell)

  • Rugby League, just marginally more interesting than synchronised swimming

    Union rules OK!

  • Everton in complete guff/rubbish non-shock !

  • Nicky Barmby playing for Hull today-cant wait to hear what kind of reception he will get at Goodison!!

  • Harry Redknapp: Eat our goal !!!!

  • Only reason Everton beat Spuds is that they are in trepidation of their League Cup quarter final at Watford on Wednesday.

  • Well LCFC won 3-2 woooo!

    dodedododo Matty Fryatt! dodedododo Matty Fryatt!!!!

  • Well done Everton. Back up to 7th.

  • Yeah Andy ,but we could have done without the Yakubu injury,out for the season now.

  • It's v sad but we need to keep on feeding the Yak to make him strong again.

  • Isn't Bob Latchford fit?

  • Bring back Big Dunc I say-notice how HIS house doesnt get broken into these days ??

  • Seems like Spurs werent as frightened of Watford as some would have had us believe.

  • But an ex Watford player just made a bad Sunday for you.

  • We played ok though Gf and with a bit of luck for Fellaini we would have won-a group of 4 people sitting beside us left with 5 mins to go (why?) and ,of course, missed our equaliser (GOOD) and Villas last second winner (BAD)-I felt like I had been kicked in the guts !!

  • Re our Chelsea game: glad though I was for a point,it meant L*******l were still top and having to endure all the thanks from their supporters at work nearly made me sick !!!

  • At opposite ends of the leagues are teams beginning with L, one is bluejam's least liked team, the other is my most disliked who, thanks to the 30 point deduction, are heading to the Blue Square League.

    At least the European Cup (stupidly renamed Champions League) will now be worth watching now it reaches the Knockout stages. The league format is soooo tedious.

  • Everton got a 1-0 victory away at Boro yesterday. Better away form than at home.

  • The ""magic"" of the FA cup 3rd round -why was Tottenhams game played last night ??-3pm kickoffs on Saturday please !!

    Everton have a banana skin tie away to Macclesfield today-we are usually good at slipping on those sorts of games !!

    Good luck to all your teams !

  • FAC Round 4

    In Shanklyism

    Liverpool v Liverpool reserves

  • FAC Round 4

    In Shanklyism

    Liverpool v Liverpool reserves

  • Should be a good game at Anfield. Come on Everton!


    In Brian Laboneism:

    20 V 1

    from Labones ""famous"" quote-""Never forget lads,one Evertonian is worth 20 Liverpudlians !!""

    -wise words.

  • It's on at 4pm on Sunday so that's another trip to the pub. It's a hard life.

  • On the subject of Saturday 3pm kick-offs:only one of Evertons next five games is on Saturday and thats tomorrow against Hull where I will be applying Factor 8 to avoid getting sunburned from Phil Brown !! (sorry Lois)

  • Whoops at Remedial Reading

  • Factor 8 not needed at Goodison yesterday; more like 8 coats!!!-my voice was totally shot by half time (there are those who say that is a good thing!!)-upon watching MOD last night ,I would concede our first goal was offside ,but at the time,I didnt really see any Hull players appealing for offside so it may not have been as ""obvious"" as MOD made out,no doubts about Artetas goal though !!

    -ps well done Stoke.

  • What a game! United did us proud today beating Chelsea 3-0. Makes up for that Derby score through the week.


  • Makes Rafa,s intemperate rant seem all the funnier !!

  • Anyone else think that Man City have gone insane ???-buy some defenders first you daft ha,porths !!

    -on second thoughts dont.

  • £100million on transfer and £500,000 wages each week. Footballers have short careers but this is daft.

  • Yay!!!! Man Utd top of the premier league for the first time this season - for a couple of nights at least. Come on Everton

  • Go Tim Cahill. 2 points off Liverpool is good enough. Bring on the Cup.

  • Even though it was only a draw,boy am I looking forward to work and my slightly too cocky Liverpool supporting colleagues !!!

    Arf !

  • Feel a bit sorry for City now,the Kaka deal has gone belly up apparantly and now Robinho has spat his dummy out and flew back to Brazil: poor diddums,not getting paid enough??????????

  • Well done Everton. United still top with a game in hand - great result

  • The pleasure was all ours Cathy !!-the best riposte my reds@@@e friends could come up with was ""Well you were rubbish as well!!""

    -I laughed long and loud............

  • Luck ,thy name is Van Persie !!!

    -nah,great goal !

  • Dilemma time tomorrow-do we fight for points against ManU and ""help"" Liverpool ? or save energy for the replay on Wednesday ?-of course we should beat ManU (yeah right) and still beat Liverpool on Wednesday-wishful thinking??!!

  • Was that a penalty against Man U? I thought we played well against them and didn't deserve to lose. Bring it on at Goodison tomorrow night. We may even win.

  • I thought Arteta was a bit unlucky with that one Andy but ,of course, Lescotts challenge would have been given by a lot of referees-as for the next installment of the ""Hundred Years War"" tonight,I,m starting to lose interest in playing them,but my interest would be perked by a win of course-please God,no extra time though!!!!!!

  • Congratulations Everton - left it a bit late though

  • What a result! A great goal from the young Gosling. Been reading that some people missed it as ITV went into adverts during the build-up and only got back to the game after the goal.

    Bring on the Villa. Come on you Blues!

  • Thanks to Bex,s Plymouth Argyle for young Gosling !!-tickets for the next round dont go on general sale until Monday so I will have to make a big effort to get up early to bag a pair !!

    Liverpool fans at work feeling very distraught (snigger)

  • Congrats Bluejam cracking result, extra time a bit stressfull though but they did it! Hope you manage to get tickets for the match, take good care bud, Lois x

  • Who would have thunk it : Lois,s Hull causing the sacking of Scolari ????

  • Which Z-Cars theme team will fare better this weekend ????

  • do do do do do do do do

    do do do do do do do

  • What a result from Goodison. Come on you Blues!

  • It was fab Andy,and it was almost worth the price of admission to see Martin O Neill getting more and more worked up in his ""technical area"" and the Villa fans attempted taunts of ""Who are ya?""-hurled back in their faces !!!!

  • You 'orns.

  • Memo to Stoke fans :yes,you may be the ""loudest"" fans in the Premiership,but we scored 3 and you didnt-cf SK Brann fans last year in the Youwafer cup as they were getting beaten 6-1 !!

  • Why I hate Peter Crouch:

    The Robot


    the fact that Abbey Clancy loves him

    Those 2 goals ! (to be fair,they were good headers !)

  • Semi-Finals next month. Everton take on Man U live on the telly and I've got a diehard Red coming to watch it. Should be an interesting experience lol.

  • Make sure he brings his own ale Andy !-I,m still trying to get a ticket as I can get transport down ok .

  • Shearer to lead Newcastle-Meh!

    I dont have anything against Newcastle but how many more ""saviours"" can they have ???

  • Yippee! We got a point!!! Come on u Hull! Sharpen those claws mighty tigers, then again we will probably just roll over on our backs. Bluejam Newcastle are welcome to our Orange 'saviour' x

  • Has ""orange"" Brown been linked with the barcodes Lois ??

  • It would be childish of me to laugh at tonights Champions League debacle for Liverpool,we do things with dignity at Everton.


  • Although Hillsborough was horrible,how come the media seem to have forgotten the Bradford fire,the Ibrox crowd crush and Heysel all of which were equally terrifying ??

  • Getting all excited for Sundays Wembley game,knowing Everton it will be a nervy close win or a shambolic failure -wish us luck all neutrals !!

  • Yes, I remember Hillsborough and all the others too well.

    I was on a point to point Horse duty with St John ambulance on that fatefull saturday in 1989 ( In Buckinghamshire) and we could hear it all unfolding on the radio.

  • We were doing a 48 hour marathon broadcast when it happened. Come on Everton today!

  • Tears of joy! Not a fantastic game but Jagielka's kick did it for us. Ferguson picked a side that can concentrate on the rest now but he didn't pick the right side for them today. Bring on Chelsea on May 30.

  • Yes,all we have to do now is beat Chelsea !!!!!

    Mucho celebrations last night Andy.

  • No goals scored by Everton ,but 2 good results !!

  • Pleasant day out in Liverpool yesterday,sodding result and the season-ending-injury to Jagielka notwithstanding of course,I ""knew"" something bad was going to happen when I spotted a solitary Magpie on the East Lancs road (One for sorrow,two for joy....).

  • Had to laugh at the kop winding Shearer up yesterday with ""You should have stayed on telly ""-Arf !

  • We qualify for the FA Cup final and ,all of a sudden,there are mini-skirted ladies outside Goodison giving away snacks and (strangely) Nicorette chewing gum !

    Shamefully,we went round the ground 5 times !!

  • Congrats to Lois, Hull city staying up !!

    Congrats to Leon Osman on his 2 goals at Fulham especially after 2 meffs sitting behind us last week at the West Ham game spent almost the entire game slagging him off in a slightly disturbing almost obsessional way-well done lad !!

  • Glasgow Rangers came through after being 7 points down at turn of the year.

    Well done lads.


    Born within sound of the Ibrox roar.

  • As far as Cessnock, GM ??????????? (only joshing)

    Good luck to Man Utd tonight;some sad kopites at work have actually bought Barcelona gear so that they can wind up Utd fans if they lose:and we are supposed to be ""Bitter blues"" ???!!

  • All the Liverpool fans I know are currently ""giving it large"" about Barcelona's win. Odd that; I can't recall which trophy Liverpool won this season...

  • Thanks bluejam, Other side of Bellahouston Park if you don't mind.

  • Well done Everton for yesterday's brave performance. We may have lost but we weren't as outplayed as Man U were by Barca. Chins up and we'll be back. Come on you Blues!

  • Did my eyes deceive me or was Amanda Holden wearing a big Everton flag (and nothing else it seems!) while wandering down a corridor on the telly yesterday-I was deep in conversation when it was on the big screen so I only glimpsed her .

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