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not asthma related as such

been told that my cholesterol is high at 7 or 7ish (cant remember exact number sorry). the gp nurse has said she is going to give me 6months to reduce it so i can avoid yet more medication. she also stated that my risk of strokes/heart attacks is only about 4%-quite pleased with this but very surprised as i have a very big history of these illnessess in my close family. what im asking is has anyone else managed to reduce high cholesterol without tablets and if so how. i know ive got to eat low fat which on the whole i do, its more that i just eat large portions. im vegetarian so by rights it should be easy -but how lol...any advice would be lovely x

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Hi Jay.

I also have a family history of stroke, heart problems etc caused by high cholesterol. After my sister died my brother and I were both tested and found to be high and our GPs took totally different viewopints. Mine put me on statins immediately but told me to cut out fat and red meat as well. My brother is struggling with no medication, which means no butter or other fats and nothing that contains fat (pastry, biscuits etc.), no red meat, no crisps or other snacks, no alcohol, no smoking ........

I now have normal cholesterol but my brother's is still higher that it should be.

Good luck with it, I hope you get it under control soon.


Hello Jay,

Are you on regular or permanent oral steroids such as prednisolone?

This can increase your cholesterol.



garlic is a very useful in keeping cholesterol under control. Use it in your cooking.