Dr in agreement- shock horror!!

nellie came to say hello and so i needed neb boost, doing okay now. but whilst being examined by dr he checked my oxygen sats. i breathlessly tried to say in broken sentences, that i always maintain my sats. only the odd occasion i have actually de-sat below 90% - just as a warning!

he agreed, and said he knew that the ''majority of asthmatics maintain their sats, until quite late when their REALLY unwell, too late, thats whats frightening'' he said, especially in brittle asthmatics like you!! then i also informed him that 2 wks ago i kept telling my friend i was okay when he wanted ring 999 for me, then i eventually give in, when i got to hospital i had blue lips, sats 86% but i felt okay!

he then asked me try do my PF = 250 (best 550) his reaction, ''the way your talking and breathing, and the way your chest sounds, i expected worse, so well done.'' his reaction alone made me feel better!! lol

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  • .... so not all doctors think you need to drop your sats when u cant breathe, or 'you cant be asthmatic, your not dropping your sats,' or 'you cant be asthmatic, you're not going blue?!' as i have been told and i know other asthmatics have been told similarly ???


  • I know exactly what you mean, my sats stay in the mid 90's till very late on in my attack, then suddently plummit to around 80, by this point im very sick. My GP knows this very well to the extent that she never bothers to check anymore if I am being treated at the surgery (as I hate to go to hosp!) she says she watches me and can tell more from that than any machine!


  • I'm opposite! my SAT's in an attack are usually around 76% my c02 levels go very high so i usually spend the next few weeks on bi-pap or get intubated :/ But i know one of my asthmatic friends SAT's never drop below 97%! and he has severe asthma and has to have IV amo every few months!

    I like the sound of this doctor - actaully knows what he is on about!!! - makes a nice change :)

  • wow chloe!! scary!!

    i have come VERY close to being intubated a number of times due to sheer exhaustion and rising c02 levels, especially in last few weeks when was in HDU x 2, luckily narrowly avoided it, needed bipap

    though :( lowest sats i have had i can remember were 82% when conscious! but then again i have stopped breathing a number of times, and been unconscious....

    doctor i seen was great, not the usual doc u see - 'oh well you cant be THAT bad, your sats are above 92% ... ' blah blah blah, yeah until i crash in front of him and go blue!!!!

    if only u could demand a doc like that everytime u get taken A+E or get admitted, hey!!

    x x x

  • ... like your friend i have brittle asthma, but respond well to mag sulph and iv aminoph, but last BAD attack 2 weeks ago, and subsequent one few days later were stubborn so needed multiple mag sulph and amino infusions!! grrrr.....

    x x

  • yea snowy, i try to tell them everytime, dont bother checking lol

    but they have to i know :) especially when i cant breath, i am in resus as usual, or have stopped breathing!!


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