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New Here

Hi - I'm new to the forums.

Two of my children are asthmatic as a result fo being premature. Although on reading some of the posts on here they don't sound so bad!

Miles is 5 and is currently on Salbutamol and Seretide and seems to have his asthma under control at the moment which is fab - he was last in hospital in September.

Molly is 3 and is currently on Salbutamol, Becotide, Serevent and Montelukast tablets. Her asthma is not well controlled at all. She is due for a consultant review this week but I am taking her to the GP as she had a terrible night last night with recessing. coughing, etc I think she probably needs some pred.

I guess I was looking for some stories of other children who have had asthmas at a young age and medications that have proved sucessful in controling it.



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Hi Annie, welcome to the forum :)

My son Sean is 10 and has had breathing difficulties since he was born. I'm probably not the best person to reply about which drugs control young asthmatics as Sean for some reason doesnt conform to medical books, is very unpredicatable with drug response and has pretty much tried most drugs over the years! I wont bore you with the whole saga but in a nutshell (sort of) he was ventilated at birth, bronchilitas twice in 1st yr, after tons trips to casualty diagnosed asthmatic by 12 - 18 mths. He has been using preventors and relivers since he was 4 months old,over the years more drugs added and now taking a cocktail of 11 different drugs. On a positive note I do think he is more controlled now than in last year or so which is great.

It must be hard work caring for 2 asthmatic kiddies, fortunatly my daughter is very healthy.

I really hope Molly is feeling better soon and the gp can help.

Anyway as I said I won't have been able to give any suggestions as Sean has his own rule book but didnt want you to think your post had no replies :)

Julie xx


Thanks Julie :)

Thanks for replying to me - it sounds as though sean has been through the mill a bit!

Molly was given some prednisalone yesterday so hopefully that will improve things for a while. We've got a visit with the consultant on Wednesday so it will be interesting to see what he says.

Annnie x


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