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I don't think Drs are doing enough? Please help, I'm new at all this :(

Hi all,

I'm new to this site, but it looks brilliant!

My son is 22 months, 2 in December. His Dad was very poorly as a baby with chest problems, asthma, bronchitis etc. Archie has eczema. Drs wont diagnose asthma due to his age, but we have a blue inhaler for him, and he has had 2 5 day courses of prednisolone since February this year, which helped a lot. He has basically puffed and wheezed since a tiny baby, had lots of chest infections, but over the past 10 weeks we have had a 3 week dreadful cough, chicken ox, another cough and cold, a 7 day gastro virus and now back to the chest. He had antibiotics 2 weeks ago, which seemed to work for a few days, now hes on some more as the GP heard crackling.

He coughs like mad at night, with sneezing, and a fair bit in the day, on exertion or laughing! Basically, the blue inhaler doesn't work and the GPs just keep saying ""It's viral.""

Okay, so that may be the case, and probably is, but really, they dont have to listen to the coughing every night and watch him panting.

Is there anything I can ask the GP to give him, at almost 2? As I feel a bit cross with them at the moment, guess I just want someone to blame. But this is not going away on its own, and I dont want to keep shovelling antibiotics down him. Feels a bit like he has a poor quality of life at the moment. He cant even walk far or giggle without a coughing fit :( x

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glad you found it, its been a big help to me to

our gps wouldnt diagnose asthma for my daughter either but we ended one sunday taking her to an out of ours service while she was in the midst of a full blown asthma attack, he took notice and asked about family history to which lead him to diagnose asthma and perscribed blue inhaler and to visit our gps with in the next week which we did we saw a different gp at the surgery who agreed and also perscibed a brown inhaler be cause of her having a persistant cough. (just so you know how we got our diagnosis she was 2 1/4 at the time)

it might be worth trying the out of hours service in your area or even a&e it might seem a bit drastic but if he is having night time problems they are always there.

maybe try to ask your GP to refer you to a breathing specialist

also ring the number in the red box at the top left and have a chat with the nurses they might be able to give you some verbal help

hope this helps


Thanks Wilkobird.

Tried to get a brown inhaler today and they said no :( The asthma nurse from here, wonderful lady, said yes! As he responds brilliantly to prednisolone. But he is 22.5 months and too young apparently. So we get a weeks grace, then probably back to all night coughing and choking. I feel really angry and upset. They've said some children ""just cough"" and to elevate his cot. As if I havent tried all that. It makes no difference x


We had similar experience to you and wilkobird - family history of asthma (me very bad) and doctors still wouldnt diagnose our coughing/wheezing one year old son with asthma. I knew for certain it was asthma but saw several doctors who said he was young to be diagnosed.. It took an out of hours GP (who had asthma herself) to diagnose him - he was having an attack and she put him on steroids straightaway. It was a relief when treatment started.

We also had all the health problems you mention. Our son never got anything by halves - if he caught anything he was ill for ages afterwards, even chickenpox set him back for months. Like your son, it was cold after cold, chest infections, rotavirus, ear infections, croup, tummy problems..

Personally I would keep going back to the doctor(s) with your son, dont give up if he is struggling. Are there other doctors you can try in the surgery? I asked for a referral when our son was about 7 and the consultant we ended up seeing was great.

Our son is 14 now and is a lot better, but is on a raft of medication. His immune system is stronger, also rhinitis was diagnosed a few years ago and the meds for that have helped a lot. You mentioned your son sneezes a lot, he could well have allergies which often go hand in hand with asthma. Ask your GP if there is an antihistamine he can take and see if that helps. Also try infant vitamin supplements to help his immune system.

Sorry this is a long post. Feel free to PM me anytime.


Hey angievere, thanks for your reply. Its so frustrating isnt it, and it has made ME need to go on medication as sooooo panicky! He doesn't have attacks, per se, just coughing and puffing. Feel I may have to get really assertive at Drs. They have been wrong so many times :(



I suppose things have changed a lot since my children were little, but my younger daughter was diagnosed asthmatic aged just under 2, she was immediately given a brown inhaler as well as a blue one. Her symptoms were mainly coughing - at night and if she ran around or got too excited. She is now 13 and her asthma is very much better. I remember how hard it was to see her and her sister coughing and crying every night, it really wears you down. I'm sure you've got far more to do with your time, but if you are having a hard time convincing anyone about your little ones symptoms you could try videoing him. I used to find that when my children were ill they would miraculously perk up once we got to the doctors. There was one occasion after yet another fruitless trip to the GP when I was trying to deal with a sick yelling baby and the GP just turned up at our house out of the blue and saw how she really was. He immediately sent us of to hospital. If you don't get any further I would ask for a second opinion or a referral to a consultant. Best wishes. Valerie


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