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hello all

hi all, im justine mum to 4 and my eldest daughter is 12 and has had asthma since she was only months old we regulary see a consultant at the hospital, she has had her fair share of steroids and they work but once she comes off them her chest gets very bad again, over the last 6months we have had real problems through the night is allways worse, she has up to 5 bad attacks in one night and several little ones, her lips start to go blue sometimes, and she cant breath and struggles to take her inhalers so it takes longer for her attack to go,

she has been prescribed 3 inhalers and montelukast

i would just like to chat with any parents who have similar problems

thanks for reading


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hi i'm a mum to having problems navigating this site at mo. i was just typing when my two year old knocked my arm and it was gone. not sure where not sure if it was sent. so if i'm repeating myself daughter now 19 suffered in her teens and my 2 year old is suffering now. contact me if u want not sure wot advice i can give but i'm willing to try.


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