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Does my 5 and a half month old baby have asthma?


My son is 22 weeks old, since 12 weeks whenever he gets a cold he gets a really bad cough, starts to wheeze badly first thing in morning and throughout the night. After a 10 week struggle dr has given a ventolin which i have used over the last week. I went back today as he was needing to use it during the day also. Dr is having a discussion with other drs about putting him on a steroid inhaler as they are concerned about his age. I am happy for him to start using a preventor inhaler as I see how much he suffers, surely this whole""you cant diagnose when they are young"" is a little old fashioned? 3 years it took me to get an inhaler for my eldest son, and as soon as it was issued the improvment was amazing. What are peoples thoughts on this?

I should also say in the last 12 weeks he has had 2 courses of antibiotics and 2 courses of steroids, surely if there is not improvement after all that then preventor is the way forward?

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sounds like my daughter. Aged 6 weeks she got bronchitis and from then she had constant wheezing

And horrid cough.

At about 5 months she had a nasty chest infection. And was started on singular for her wheezing.

Then within 2 weeks inhalers both blue and a steroid one. This was all managed by gp.

And we continued on that. Then at 10months she had a nasty cold got over that and within 2 day got swine flu at the time we didn't know that. To cut a long story short ended up in intensive care ventilated.

After that we were put under a consultant. She was

as on long term antibiotics which also help reduce swelling.

For all this time no one would say she had asthma even though she was on all the treatments.

Over xmas we seen a different consultant who has finally said she as asthma and bronchiel hyper


I think all consultants are different with when they will say they have asthma. Martha has now started 2 show signs off it when she does play and do physical activity etc. I think it can be hard when they are young to say they have asthma. Still know one will say why they think she reacted 2 the swine flu as sleep did as she was ventilated for a long time.

If u are worried u could ask gp 2 refers you 2 the hospital.

Hope that helps


mummy 2 Martha


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