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cold weather = problems


my son was out in the cold for about an hour at the weekend (wrapped up etc) as we had gone to see thomas the tank for the toddler.

well following this he has been up every night with a croupy/hacking bark which is making him have to use his inhalers more. i have put damp pillowcase over his radiator, steamy bathroom and sat him in it and nothing.

i took him to the docs yesterday to be told its a wintery cough and nothing they can do - its not a normal winter cough, i know the difference! (have 2 other kids).

now i dont know what to do. i cant get into see the asthma nurse for another 2weeks, and its not fair on my son to have to put up with this until then. last time he was like this he got so bad i rang an ambulance and he went to hospital where he was given steroids and antibiotics ontop of his usual inhalers and singulair tablets! and the asthma nurse wanted to know why i hadnt been to see her b4 things got this bad.

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Aw you poor thing. This is awful to have to cope with and horrid when gp's don't support either.

Can you give your asthma nurse a call and chat over the phone. That's what I tend to do rather than wait the weeks for an appointment. She usually calls me back the same day.

Or/and can you see another gp within the practise and explain what happened last time?

In addition I'd give the auk nurses a call for some medical advise. They are wonderful. The number is at the top of this page.

Meanwhile I'd like to send you a hug. Asthma is a horrid condition and awful to watch your child struggling.

Take care,

Emily x


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