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11 month old with out of control cough - please help

Hi there. My eleven month old daughter unfortunately had bronchilistus at 11 weeks old and since then has been prone to coughing.

Three months ago she was given a ventolin inhaler. Two months ago a consultant confirmed her asthma. I was told that if her asthma got worse to go to the gp and get becotide.

Bascially i am posting today for some advice. At night and during the day she is struggling to catch her breath. She does not wease but is choking and struggling to catch her breath.

I took her to the out of hours doctor last night who think she has croop. So we did all the steam things etc but to no hope.

I am off to the dr's again later to discuss the use of the brown puffer, but just wonder if anyone else has a child diagnosed with asthma with no wease?

Also how do you know if someone so young is ACTUALLY taking enough of the puffer through the spacer as you cannot tell them to take a deep breath?

Many thanks, hope this all makes sense?!?!?!

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With the spacer & mask they don't need to take a deep breath aslong as they keep it over their mouth/nose for the 10 seconds they will breath it all in, its worth trying to sit/stand her up though so she's able to take normal breaths.

My daughter dosn't really wheeze much either, she can just be breather fast and using the extra muscles and then other times you can hear the wheeze if you listen to her back and then sometimes you can hear her wheezing across the room! But yep it is possible to be astmatic and not wheeze, i'm sure your dr. / astma nurse will be able to explain things better.


Hi my son has never wheezed only coughs, and he is 8 almost 9, we thought he had severe asthma as it takes lots of treatment to work.He is under a respiratory specialist now and they are telling us it can't be asthma as he doesn't wheeze and his peakflow is higher than it should be for his age,but when it drops he's really ill. I thought seeing a specialist would get some answers but I'm just more confused. His lungs react in the same way when he's ill as my other son who is asthmatic in the way they move but no wheeze. I've been told before that it is possible not to wheeze with asthma, my son may have a problem with his lower lungs not the tubes. At least the specialist is leaving no stone unturned and he's not given up on us.

My son has no allergies unlike his older brother!

My son coughs and chokes too and so did I as a child, mine was said to be croup every time I ended up in hospital. I was diagnosed as asthmatic at 35 and was told I had asthma as a child!

I hope you get more answers than us, it's driving me crazy

take care



Hi Nagler,

I hope you are getting somewhere with this.

Bronchiolitis as a child can cause a cough but if it is persistant then a chest xray might be of use to ensure there is no underlying infection.

With the inhalers, it is important that even children are encouraged to take a deep breath in and hold their breath for about 10 seconds to allow the medication to get deep into the lungs. Inhalers are aided by gravity so as we breath the medication in, it travels down our airways and by holding our breath it can sediment on the alvealor sacs where inflammation happens.

Let me know how you got on with the Dr, will be interesting to see what they said. If you get no joy from them PERSIST! Your daughter coughing every night is unatural and needs to be sorted.

Good luck. Hope I have been of some help.



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