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here goes with bad winter again daughter ill

my 5 year old daughter is ill again, had flu jab a week ago, got high temps that night, and tues this week high temps, and come down with a cold , doubled up on inhaler, on montelukast, ventolin every 4 hours, going to see dr tomorrow as peak flow was down to 120 this morning normally at 160, yesterday morning it was at 90 in the morning so had to have ventolin which brought it back up, coughing bad, tired and going to be of school , just had half term, she not sleeping well at night , having to prop her up with pillows, any ideas on how to help or someone having same sorts of probs please get in touch, every winter is the same and it not fair on her . thanks in advance x

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Hi Babs, I have the same problem with my 13 yr old son. He caught a cold in Sept, only off school for 2 days and coped better than me (went on my chest). But come half term, on the Friday of breaking up, he started another cold. He has been wheezy, coughing and miserable all week - took him to doctor who said to double up on Seretide and gave antibiotics in case things worsened. I too am really fed up. Dont know if he will make school tomorrow.

One thing I do suggest is extra Vit C - we both started taking extra vits over a year ago, and he has had less colds than previously. He also takes vit D, Sellenuim and when he has a cold, Echineacea. It's worth a try. Unfortunately the winter months are often the worst for us, because of all the bugs around.


yep having same problem with my 13 yr old son. Just seems to bad on and off all the time, missing loads of school. Hardly getting any sleep. back to docs 2moro.

I honestly think, there is nothing we can do but try and and give them, the right meds, keep them warm, the usual stuff really, endless trips to docs, asthma clinic. What can you do but try your best.

Sorry I sound like a right hard old parent.

My son has also just been diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine), and poor thing, is in loads of pain at moment, so having to dope him up with loads of painkillers as well.

It's awfull really seeing him suffer, I tend to hide my worries, in front of him. because he is starting to panic at each asthma attack. So I put a brave face on. Nothing else, we can do really.


Same here Shelley. Further to my earlier post, my son has been off school 3 days now, had a bad asthma attack last night so back to our usual GP today. He said my son's chest was clear and the airways are just irritable. Didnt want to put him on steroids and cold must take its course!

My son has been through so much and is feeling depressed about this latest bout, and I really feel for him. But as you say, we can only do our best and get on with it.


update on daughter

hi she was at drs on monday, he upped her flixtide again, she now on 3 puffs morning and night, montelukast in the evening and ventolin every 3 hours, she dosent have a chest infection, just can hear alot of whezzing, been of school 3 days now, hopefully back tomorrow, the school will give her ventolin before she goes outside. thanks for the messages aswell x


I just want to add that I agree wholeheartedly with Angievere when she speaks of the benefits of vitamin C which has helped her child. I suffered one chest infection after the other in 2005, and it wasn't till the end of that year that I realized I'd stopped taking vitamin C.

Since then I've had half a teaspoon of calcium ascorbate every night in water or lemon juice and have not had a chest infection since. Although I was continually coming down with chest infections, I didn't get any asthma because I kept my levels of vitamins A and E up fairly high. (I believe asthma is primarily a vitamin A deficiency.)

Kind regards,



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