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Salbutamol sends my nipper nutty!!

Has anyone else experienced side effects with Salbutamol??

My son's asthma is very seasonal and only happens when he gets a bad cough/cold. I have been told only to use the preventer when he gets a cold but, as it seems to take an age to kick in he needs the reliever, sometimes quite a lot.

Within minutes of using the reliever (salbutamol) he goes into a hyperactive mode.

Has anyone else experienced this?? Is there another reliever on the market that doesn't have this effect??

My nerves are shot to bits after a week of this, so could do with a bit of advice.


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hiya there

Wen i was little the ventolin inhaler used to send me wappy til the dr gave me briconyl (sp)... This calmed me down a lot as my behavioural issues were meds based. Some asthmatic children can be hyper coz of the asthma tho! My friend was one of them lol! Between us we kept parents and teachers on their toes!

Id discuss things wit ur son's gp or consultant. Their are other relievers out there and it can b trial n error gettin the right one! Hope this helps.

Take care lv kat Xxx


Oh yes I know where you are coming from. My 4 year old twins are so hyper on ventolin! They are ok on small amounts, but when larger amounts are required I feel I am peeling them off the ceiling.

Last month one had an overnight stay in hospital. When it was almost time to go home he was wreaking havoc on the ward. He just could not control it. One of the ladies that brings the meals asked if he had ADHD and gave me a very odd look when I told her it was due to the asthma meds (the look of, you're child's uncontrollable and its nothing to do with asthma!)

I have been told that for now this is all they can have. My elder child has bricanyl but his wouldn't fit a spacer that the little ones need so I think that is probably the reason.

If your child doesn't require the spacer anymore you could ask to try bricanyl? my son has a turbohaler which he finds easy to use.


Mine get a bit agressive after lots of ventolin One goes completely loopy but think she's sensitive to stuff anyway give her a red jelly and she's awake till 2am.... I wonder if its actually normal behaviour but is that they suddenly can breathe and therefore zoom into normal child lots of energy mode from i'm too puffed to do anything mode!

Also i've said this loads of times before, learn from my mistakes and don't be too soft on them just because they are ill. Being asthmatic isn't an excuse not to do stuff or be naughty even if they can't breathe properly they can still be told off!

Maria re your twins From experience (as mum to twins) twins can cause havoc get disaproving glances whereever they go esp supermarkets asthma meds or not! Thats why twins clubs are so brilliant they can all cause havoc together and noone minds!


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