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Top tips

Hi I thought I might share some too tips for dealing with children's asthma.

• multi-vitamins for children and extra vitamin C

• humidifier helps congested upper airways

• get allergy testing done sooner rather than later to ease asthma triggers blood tests can easily be done by your gp. If your child has a allergy they can take antihistamine syrup and nasal sprays and depending on the allergy you can get anti allergy bedding stuff for dust mite allergy which is in the rise. You can get more info on this from

• if your child he's recurrent viral infections get a referral to see a ear nose and throat (ENT) paediatrician

• always trust your instincts you know your child best

If anyone has anymore top tips please add. I have come up with these through our experience with dealing with asthma for 3 and half years.


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