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Night Terrors?

Hi - I been reading all the messages posted and can't believe I have only just discovered this website!!

My 8 year old daughter was first disgnosed with Asthma at the age of 5 - just as she started school and it has been a constant battle since. If only we knew all the things then we know now!!

She was recent admitted to A&E for a nebuliser and I thought that I was overreacting - as like many other I am always under the impresssion it is normal with Asthma.

Mid. week last week and until last couple of nights she has been having nightmares to the extreme they are bringing on an attack!!

I just wondered if anyone else experiences this?

I have read with interest other peoples views about behaviour - as yes we experience this and I now know that this is a sign of her being unwell.

She is on Seretide Inhaler, Singulair daily and Prednisolone frequently (which I am allowed to keep at home for emergencies!) And of course the good old Ventolin Inhaler 3 times a day!

At the moment she also has a chest infection which they think is a result of such a bad attack on Sunday!

Does any of this sound familiar to others?

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My son has night terrors when he is on pred. If you are concerned then I would re read the leaflets that have come with the meds or mention it to you consultant. They will be able to help you find out which of her meds are causing it.

Does she have any worries at school or problems you may not know? I'm sure you have spoken to her already but kids of this age start to keep things from the people they love so not to upset them. May be worth finding out if there is any other causes to the nightmares too.




just a thought, how long has she been on Singulair?

One of the side effects of singulair is strange dreams etc. does the start of her night terrors coincide with starting singulair?



You beat me to it about the singulair Kate!

I had the most vivid terrifying dreams when on it but kept taking it as dreams can be ignored not being able to breathe can't!

May be worth mentioning to GP next time you are there anyway.

My kids tend to wake crying saying they've had a bad dream between 2 and 4am when actually whats happened is their chest has got tight. Their management plan says to give ventolin at bedtime when this is happening and again if they wake or I hear them wheezing in sleep.

My daughters consultant has told me that they shouldn't need regular ventolin if their asthma is controlled may be worth checking with the dr that she's on the right dose of seretide etc? Since increasing her meds and having allergy tests she rarely needs ventolin and hasn't had pred for 6 months.


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