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medic alert for my son

Hi all I'm new to this forum, but unfortunatly I'm not new to asthma. Both my sons have asthma, both severe, my eldest has brittle asthma and has been diagnosed since he was 4 months!!! He has only yesterday been discharged from hospital after an attack but still has the nurses coming to see him twice a day until further notice. He is very allaergic to many things but since september it has been found that he is dangerously allergic to magnesium amongst other things and now he has reached the age he has he is wanting to be more independent. I have huge fears that even walking to school if he has an attack and i'm not there to tell someone about his allergys they will administer medicine which will cause more problems than good. I am looking for a medicalert band for him but they are all so expensive i wondered if anyone had any ideas they could throw my way??? Not that I'm tight but i will have to buy two and 100 pounds is just too much. Many thanks

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And welcome to the boards, if you try Universal Medical ID they have a much bigger range that are a lot cheaper than Medic alert in the UK, I found they took a while to come as thet are in the states but are really nice and when you order one you can get extras at a really reduced rate if you buy at the same time, I got 3 spares with mine for not much extra and the amount you can have engraved seemed better to!

Hope that helps



Theres these ones which are a bit cheaper

...if you google search medical tags or medical alery bracelets and look around you may be able to find one thats quite a lot cheaper.

Hope that helps



Medic Alert has a wide range of bracelets and necklaces. They also hold details on a database so that anyone attending your child can phone a central number to get additional medical details (aswell as those on the back of the bracelet) Their website is

Their cheapest are about £20 and they do kids sports bands for £25 ish. They also provide bracelets free of charge or discounted to those on a low income so it would be worth giving them a try.

Hope this helps


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