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hello, new here

hi am new here and really need some advice on my son who is 4. He is an allergic, not anaphalaxic, child who gets asthma, escma, bad hayfever, allergic rhinitus and allergic conjunctivitus(not sure if those are same as hayfever or not). He also reacted to his first set of immunisations badly enough to be hospitalised once and had a febrile convulsion as well. He can't do colourings and flavourings etc as goes hyper.

He never does any illness lightly for example with chicken pox it was six weeks with three crops of spots and lymphadinitus afterwards like his body just can't fight things off properly his glands are permanently up.

His asthma isn't wheezy he coughs at night when it is bad and goes completely manic. He is tired and pale and run down alot of the time and isn't really putting on weight, in fact he always looses weight over the winter - gp says he's allergic to oct thru to april is this possible?- , he is small for his age. Although he is often rundown doctors never really see it because a) he always perks up at the doctors surgery and b) they don't know him well enough to see the nervous energy gleam in his eyes and know it's not alert and well it's over tired and bouncing off the walls. Doctors say that behaviour isn't a sign of asthma but when he has had oral steriods in the past i can tell when they are working because i get my little boy back again and when i see that change the doctors see an improvement in the asthma.

he is on becotide, sabutamol, cetirizine and singulair granules every day as well as hydrocortisan cream, beconase and eyedrops for when things flair up.

He also has to see a speach therapist as all the gunk in the winter cold season and summer hayfever season effect his hearing.

the singulair has made a big difference to his life in the same way the inhalers did when we first got them and he stopped coughing until he was sick every night so in my head i'm pretty sure that it is an allergy which is aggravating him mostly.

sorry for long post just feel so confused about it all and he is still really not right would appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this


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right in the same boat

Hi I am fairly new here too. I just wanted to say I am in a v. similar situation my son is 3 and has big problems with asthma especially in the winter and then awful hayfever in the Summer. It is like each season brings its own problems and symtoms. Really hard doing all the different medications isn't it. One of my big problems is my son looks so well a big healthy looking boy for his age and yet he can be dreadful at times. However we were recently referred to Sheffield childrens hospital to the respritory clinic and they were lovely, the consultant was great and honest! We know his illness is not going to go away but they are doing their best to control it, they took blood to see what allergies he has they can not do a lot about them but at least I will know what triggers he has, changed his meds and just explained things a bit more. Yes it was a long way to go (not our local hospital) but worth the trip. Have you been referred to a ped consultant? I also try to stick to seeing 1 GP at our practice it just means they get to see him on a regular basis. It is hard at times but all you can do is keep going. As long as you are doing your best that is all that matters.


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