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daughter not improving on pred

Hi haven't posted for quite a while, but wondered if any other parents have had similar experience. My daughter who is 11 is on 125 seretide x2 twice a day and singulair. She had a cold a couple of weeks ago which resulted in the inevitable problems with her asthma. She has recently (Dec) had her inhaled steroids doubled as she was needing frequent courses of pred and taking a long time to get better. This time has been very odd. She seems to have become increasingly unwell but quite slowly. She has never wheezed but usually coughs which she has not done at all this time. We went to docs as PF about 50% and started a 5 day course of pred which finishes tomorrow, she does not seem any better she is still needing and asking for (v.unusual) her ventolin frequently . Her PF goes up after the ventolin and then drops really quickly (6-8 puffs only lasts about 1-2hrs) and thn she wants more ventolin which I don't really want to give her??? She is saying her chest is very tight still and she doesn't think the pred has worked(a first) She is struggling when walking around but can talk ok and her sats are fine 98% She is taking lots of deep breaths not short shallow ones.I am taking her back to GP tomorrow but I know from talking to her that the next step is hospital, and from previous admissions I am not sure what the hosp will do as her sats are fine???? Am I missing something? Any suggestions/similar situations? Many thanks.

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Sorry, I have no advice except that you are right to take her back to the doctors asap.

Just really wanted to say I am sorry you are having this trouble and I hope she is better soon xxx


Thanks for support!

Just an update - went back to gp (different one) who said she looked ok (!) wasn't really interested in the variable peak flow as said her technique was off (it was fine on thurs!) said no point in more pred if not working and that her sats were ok. He seemed to think she might have a viral infection causing probs although she has no outward signs of illness (!). I think he thought she was putting in on which she def is not and told me to give her a max of 8 puffs of ventolin for the day. I am now really worried and completely stuck. She has already had 8 puffs (it is 330ish) and without the ventolin her sats do drop a bit - do I now just wait until she is ill enough for someone to do something??? His advice was she'll either get better or worse (!!!) that most asthamtics have peaks and troughs and she'll just have to rest which has not gone down well with the school. She is worn out and fed up!

Thanks for listening.


OMG! Poor you!

Guess you can either see a different doctor or could you perhaps try the asthma nurse? I had no real joy with the doctor when I went and think he thought I was either putting it on or didnt understand asthma (HE clearly doesnt have it!!) but I saw the nurse today and she seemed to know so much more about it!

Perhaps call the AUK nurses first so you know what sort of questions to ask?

I really hope you get it sorted soon xxx


I would definately try and see another doctor. If that needs to be an out of hours one, then so be it. At the end of the day, its your daughter, not his. Do what you think is right for her and if she needs more ventolin, then see that she gets the help she needs.

Some doctors are soooo unsympathetic and make you feel terrible. I had a similar experience with one who ignored my baby wheezing (she had severe chest recession too). He changed her inhalers and told me to come back in a week. An hour later she was in the back of an ambulance being blue lighted to hospital. Not all doctors understand Asthma the way they should.

Take care and please let us know how you get on. Hope your daughter improves soon.



Hi Thank you all so much for your support!!!

Just an update to say that although it has been a long week (and I did give her the extra ventolin!) she has turned a corner and is much better. The school have,for once, been very good and suggested she stay at home and miss an extremely cold outside trip to a castle and also her ice skating :( I think the rest and lots of sleep has helped no end.

Thanks again



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