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New, son wheezing and coughing at night. I'm at breaking point!

Hi everyone, I'm new to this, so any help and advice would be perfect. My son luca has just turned two. He's suffering with a night time cough. He has a blue and brown inhaler from the gp. We use the brown morning and night (two puffs) blue one three times aday (three puffs) we only use the blue one when he's wheezy or has a cold. As soon as we have cold weather luca seems to get a cold, which can last months, it usually goes onto his chest. He's been given steroids in the past and been on antibiotics for chest infections a lot. He's also been admitted to hospital with croup. Luca was born 12 days late, he was born with a chest infection and needed antibiotics and oxygen for 5 days. Since a tiny baby luca has suffered with wheezing, gasping, grunting, flying sick, coughing on a bottle, bad skin, bad nappies, screaming in pain, poor weight gain, turning his head, arching his back on a bottle,

etc. it was a huge fight to get the gp to refear me to the hospital, they made me feel like I was gonna have a nervous break down, not listening to me. Saying it was normal etc. I'm the end I got refered and they gave me neocate formula . Luca was like a different child on this milk, sickness stopped, skin cleared up, nappies were ok, we still had the wheeze and gasping. We weened him earlier and he seemed like a different child. Except he got quite a few colds, which would make him wheeze and a cough which only happened at night. Gp would check him and hear a wheeze and give him antibiotics, which would clear up, but it would be back within a couple of weeks... Lucs recently has bit of dairy, and cows milk on his cereal which he seems ok with. He does suffer with a runny nose tho.... I'm really concerned about this wheeze which does clear up a little with steroids but i can still hear it now n again, especially in the morning. Sometimes it clears with his inhaler sometimes it doesn't. He's recently been on steroids which cleared him up for 3 days now it's back. He's coughing constantly at night with the odd sneeze, he can't sleep with this. I've tried everything inhaler before bed, steam room thing, cold air, steam from shower, raising his mattress, damp washing hung in his room. The hospital who he's under for his allergies/breathing problems said there's noone available until January to see him.. I just don't know whst to do , gp don't really know what to suggest. They told me to keep on with the inhalers, he's coughing still now, I can't sleep, my poor boy is suffering and there's nothing I can do. Hope this makes sence, I'm on my I phone . Thanks for your help x

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I'm sorry your son's had such a tough time. If the steroids haven't done the trick for this last flair up then take him back to the GP. Before you do that I'd give the Asthma Uk nurses on here (number in the red box in the top left corner) and see what advice they can give you. That should then give you some info/ somewhere to go with if your GP's being a bit useless.

Best of luck, keep following your mothers instinct, and let us know how you get on!



Just got back from the gp, who gave us antibiotics. I can't understand why antibiotics would work for a cough. Gp said his chest was clear. Last night we all got no sleep. He wouldn't stop coughing and his heart was pounding x


Just got back from the gp, who gave us antibiotics. I can't understand why antibiotics would work for a cough. Gp said his chest was clear. Last night we all got no sleep. He wouldn't stop coughing and his heart was pounding x



Sorry to hear you are having a hard time.

what anti bots has he got ? my dd was on proflactil anti bots last year and she had aztromycin?sp, and it is used to reduce swelling as well as anti bots reasons.

my dd used to have lots off night time wheezing and coughing then she was started on singliur which has been a saviour.

did the gp say if he could have more off his blue inhaler ?

hope hes better soon.



You poor things, sounds awful and exhausting for you all.

Does your son have Montelukast as part of his asthma treatment? This is used for allergy related asthma mostly and has a very good success rate. Maybe it's worth chatting to your gp about it as you say your son has allergies.

You also mention sneezing at night which is another pointer for allergies apparently. Maybe worth trying piriton or similar to see if this helps. It certainly helps my eldest daughter get some sleep when she's struggling during the summer months.

Hope things improve soon. Pop back and let us know

Emily. X


hi hope you have a better night tonight

my daughter was diagnosed in april after having a really bad winter of repeated chest infections and bronchitis followed by an asthma attack caused by tree pollen we were told that the blue haler idealy no more than 4 times a day though if really bad this could be doubled up, she also has her brown am/pm over the summer she was also taking piriton up to 3 times a day this helped so much to control the allergy side of things for 2 months we didnt need to use her blue one at all we had also redused the piriton to only if needed unfortuatly she had another bad attack in june and ended up on steriods so we had to start with the piriton again she has been off that now for nearly 2 months again, we have had to start use the blue inhaler again due to a bad cough and cold.

i would ask your gp about piriton. and ask them about the maximum amount of blue that you can give

also have a look at the publications avaliable from here i have got a few bits and they have been really helpful


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