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asthma and allergies

my son had a respiratory app on monday about his asthma.

they have changed his becotide to pulmicort, and also started him on a long term anti histimine as seems hes reacting to all sorts at the mo, weather, pollen, heat, cold plus exercise makes things not great either

hes due to go bk up to london in a few weeks to have a CT of his chest and also have another lot of allergy tests done he had his last lot done last summer. this time they r takign bloods as well as skin prick test.

if hes asthma is allergy induced which we r sure it is what can be done? will the anti histimines and inahlers been enough to help control it. not sure how it all comes about.

my son is 4.

thank you for reading

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I have allergic asthma and there is a few other things they can try. I take antihistamines etc for it but I also take Montelukast (I dont really understand what it is- if you search it someone will explain it better). I take the adult version but it comes as paediatric granules as well.

Hope you find the right treatment for him.




thank you

he already takes singulair granules 4mg at night. not sure what else they can do really other than what there doing now, its so frustrating.

we have the allergy bedding, etc do all we can to help him as much as possible.

guess just have to wait what the allergy tests show.

thank you



There is lots that can be done so try not to stress.

A question though, is his pulmicort in the form of a turbohaler?




i had to google what a turbohaler was, and no he does not have it he has a normal inhaler which goes through a spacer mask. hes been given a nebuhaler with mask spacer which i have found to be alot better.


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