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Hi all,

My daughter Holly is 18 months and has been on asthma medication now since she was 8 months old. She has 4 puffs of atrovent a day, 2 puffs of Flixotide and then Salbutamol whenever she needs it. We've come a long way since she was first diagnosed but over the last few months Holly has been getting very breathless. She seems so out of breath that she can't eat and stops making any noise (by this I mean she stops chatting and usually she is very talkative!). She isn't wheezy at all and I'm not sure what we should do when she gets like this. What is difficult is that we haven't had a doctor see her when she is doing it and it's very difficult to explain so it's hard to get any advice.

I was just wondering whether anyone else has experienced anything like this?



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Hi Lianne,

I would say that if Holly is so breathless that she can't eat and is not talking, these are serious signs and you should seek medical attention urgently. If your GP practice is unavailable or unhelpful then I would take her to A&E.

From your post it sounds like Holly has had multiple episodes like this over several months - how do they usually end, do you do anything to resolve them?

I am no expert on childhood asthma, but certainly adults can be suffering from a severe asthma attack and not wheeze - and the minority of asthmatics never wheeze at all. The fact that she is not wheezing may not rule out an asthma attack. Alternatively, there may be something else going on that is making her breathless - so it is definately worth persisting to get to the bottom of this.

Hope you get some answers soon.

Em H


Hi again,

Just reviewed your previous thread - sorry, didn't make the connection before that you had posted about this previously.

It sounds like you have all really been through the mill with Holly's asthma over the last few months - all the more reason to highlight this issue with your doctor and see if you can get it sorted.




my three year old son also diagnosed asthma and on fluxitide and singulair for a year he has the simalar breathlessness syptom especially at nights. He suddenly begins to cough for a few mÅŸinutes and cannot breath he tries but can not take breath in. In the end he takes a breath. this happens almost every night. I consult doctors but nothing changes. I cannot find any solution. If you get some info please share with us. Thanks.


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