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I turned up at nursery today having given them written instructions to call me if they had lost the inhaler. They told me she hadn't needed it - I showed the young nursery nurse how shallow her breathing was and was quite upset that just because she'd been playing and not laid up they had assumed nothing was wrong. I have now printed out all the advice packs for schools from this site and will be giving them to the nurseries and pre-school heads with a letter outlining my daughters specific symptoms. I'm amazed at the lack of care. i will also ask them to show me their asthma plan (there will be other parents who will be grateful for it) and if I don't get a reasonable response I'll take it up with offstead. I suggest others do the same.

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hi, weve not lost any inhalers but before the holidays callums teacher left him at school all afternoon,he was having a bad asthma attack was using his inhaler practicaly every 10-15 mins didnot think to ring home, as result had ended up on nebs at the doctors and later on ended up in hospital. his asthma nurse is going into school to talk to the teachers and the kids and find out what there action plans are, the teacher has now left thank goodness and so far been ok at school.why dont you see if you can get your asthma nurse to go into school and have a talk to them, wouldnot do any harm.


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