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Is there many children that need so much medication ?

Hi All

My daughters asthma has been a little all over the place lately, when she was in hospital again last week her consultant changed all her medications. So now she is on serevent 50, flixatide 125, montelukast 5mg tablets, ventolin and often has to take prednisolone about once a month. She is also on allergy meds and long term antibiotics. Is it me or is this an awful lot of medication for a 7 year old. Is there lots of children that need all this just to keep them going. sorry its just getting to me and I am tired of giving her so much medication and not really getting anywhere near controlling her asthma fully.

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Oh I can relate and sympathise whole heartedly to your post. I feel that tiredness too, both emotionally and mentally/physically.

My daughter is two and on Budesonide nebs twice daily, Seretide, Montelukast, Ventolin, Omeprazole, Gaviscon, Allergy meds (despite clear allergy testing!) and regular Pred and Antibiotics.

It's like a full time job just administering these alone, let alone the managing of the Asthma itself.

We've just been away for a fortnight and had NO symptoms at all for the whole time. We've never had that since she was born! We've been home a couple of days and she's been dreadful.

Massive hugs to you, I just wanted to say that you're not alone. It's so tough when your children are dealing with this condition.


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