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My physiotherapist told me one of the best things I can be doing to help my bronchiectasis is daily exercise. This is my personal trainer Myrtle, who does her best to keep my lungs in working order. She stays by me when I need to stop and get my breath back, but she can't quite understand why I don't chase her around the fields anymore.

32 Replies
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Good for you and your gorgeous personal trainer. My little pom keeps stopping to pick up his pee mails as we go around the village so I have to get on my stepper and do stretches when we get home. Keep going and hoping that you stay well.

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Thepainterswife in reply to Littlepom

My Boris is same - out 20 minutes walked 20 metres 🤦🏻‍♀️

Cornishman1966 profile image
Cornishman1966 in reply to Thepainterswife

I can still manage miles. But a LOT slower than I used to.

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Myrtle is beautiful and seems to be good for you. Take care xxxx

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What an endearing looking dog. And the countryside where you two are exercising looks beautiful.

Cornishman1966 profile image
Cornishman1966 in reply to Alberta56

West Cornwall. Not THE best, but still one of the best places I know.

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Currygirl in reply to Cornishman1966

I also am in west Cornwall!

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Cornishman1966 in reply to Currygirl

Not for much longer unfortunately. I married a Lincolnshire lass who misses her family too much. So I'll be leaving Kernow again for East Yorkshire. The great thing is, it's a lot flatter and Myrtle has a beautiful sandy beach on her doorstep.

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Currygirl in reply to Cornishman1966

We think about moving county but I worry about the health care side of things with my pulmonary fibrosis x

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Great little terrier Myrtle. 😀

Patk1 profile image

She looks a lovely girl x

B0xermad profile image

Absolutely the best medicine, walking a dog

This is theo
Donald_1931 profile image
Donald_1931 in reply to B0xermad

I would have guessed his name as Winston if you hadn't told us it was Theo. He looks a great character. 😉

B0xermad profile image
B0xermad in reply to Donald_1931

Ha ha definitely a character and noisy too

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Gorgeous dog, keep up with the walking, certainly will help your lungs. My hip is stopping me walking at the moment and I can feel just how unfit i am , its not good.

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🤣🤣🤣A.Beautiful.Photo.Cornishman.Yes. we.all and.even.grooving.Best.wishes.Marlybee.

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nothing like a dog for increasing your exercise. The best advice I ever received was from a consultant many years ago when I was originally diagnosed with aspergillosis in 1986. He told me that the only way of really helping my lungs in the long term was to exercise, he advised plenty of walking , swimming and any other exercise I was interested in. He told me that by increasing my exercise tolerance I would slow the progression of my lung disease. In recent years things have progressed to bronchiectasis and now colonised pseudomonas and the aspergillosis is active again, I’m 65. But my lung function although not so great at the moment has help out as has my exercise tolerance. Hills and slopes I am currently having to work on by up to 5 years ago could still with a lot of grumbling walk up hills and mountains if not to the top! I still walk through my breathlessness and keep up Pilates. I swim in the sea in the summer. Exercise is vital, I think we underestimate the benefits, I am so grateful to the consultant Dr Cookson for his wise advice.

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Hi good day i have health issues i do little warm up in the home each morning apart from sunday that day is of for me i watched the joe wikes execises when on lock down due to i could not go out that helped & i now joined a gym where i feel ok there they are helping me 2 days aweek but i now what ive got wrong with me cant get cured it only helpd me so yes join a gym i am 59 years old with a lot of health problems ghoust rider

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What a beautiful girl 😍. I've had dogs all my adult life until I lost my last one a few years back. Terriers are endearing and comical souls. I make do with walking with friends and their dogs now - but miss the company. Sending a hug to Myrtle xxx

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Cornishman1966 in reply to Nula2

She gets plenty of hugs anyway, but one more is always welcome.

Cornishman1966 profile image
Cornishman1966 in reply to Nula2

We'd always had spaniels. So we're still getting used to the terrier stubborn streak.

Nula2 profile image
Nula2 in reply to Cornishman1966

😂 My first dog was a rescue terrier - that was jumping in at the deep end!! My friend always had spaniels and they were so easy going - she now has an Irish terrier 😱(😅).

Cornishman1966 profile image
Cornishman1966 in reply to Nula2

All dogs are brilliant. Just in different ways.

Nula2 profile image
Nula2 in reply to Cornishman1966

100%. I've had 5 different dogs in my adult life all different types but each one adored and part of the family 😊.

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I stopped chasing my wife around the fields, Her slaps were turning my face red and the sight of her running, Made me breathless....

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Thepainterswife in reply to tomc


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Myrtle is beautiful and what a great name.I found walking very beneficial after I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis. I joined a walking group as my doggy personal trainer wasn't up to the job. Sadly we lost her to heart disease in April of this year but she was almost 14 which is a good age for a Cavalier King Charles spaniel

Cornishman1966 profile image
Cornishman1966 in reply to Milandra17

Wow. We've had 4 Charlies ourselves over the years but none have lived that long unfortunately. Myrtle is our first ever terrier.

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Hello there. Like you and Littlepom many of us have dogs or cats that keep us going. Not just physically but mentally too. My dog 🐶 Chom was a rescue and has been my companion for seven years. When I was extremely ill with lung disease he was the reason I got up every morning. Every day when I could manage it, I strapped my oxygen tank to my back in a rucksack and we would walk. This kept me fit enough for a long time and got me through a twenty seven month wait for a lung transplant. When I was on oxygen he used to lead me to several benches he chose so I could sit down. He still does this now even though I don't need to sit down as much. They are literally a godsend and I would be lost without him. So happy you have a companion to keep you going. Best wishes. 🍀

Cornishman1966 profile image
Cornishman1966 in reply to Caspiana

Little Myrtle's brilliant. I've not felt too bad for a week now, so she's been getting five mile walks again.

djbctla profile image

Cute little Myrtle. Bernardine.

watergazer profile image

What a gorgeous face. X

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