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Blood pressure

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Hi I wanted to ask if anyone suddenly started to have blood pressure/ cholesterol and glucose problems.

For years apart from struggling with bronchectasis and my asthma I was so proud that my blood pressure and cholesterol were always perfect but after a recent blood test because of a bad exacerbation feeling ill for 2 months now . My results came back dangerously high and my blood pressure has been awful.(headaches dizziness and heavy eyes with mild chest pain)after visiting a cardiologist

I have now been advised to take blood pressure tablets and statin to help bring them down.

It's really been weird as my whole system feels like it's in shut down .my lung specialist believes my lungs are in distress and that this has put strain on my system. My heart is good but the Dr said the levels need to come down or this could start to affect the heart.

Anyone else had this experience.

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Yes, my blood pressure suddenly shot up about the time I was diagnosed with COPD. It became noticeable because my GP took me off the beta blocker that was controlling my migraines immediately on the COPD diagnosis. It would have been linked with completing the menopause over a decade before. The only way I could get my blood pressure down in the normal range was by losing over a stone in weight from the top end of a health BMI to mid range, and taking indapamide, as I had problems with all the other blood pressure reducing medications.

As we face our medical problems, we sometimes have to change our perspective about ourselves. No longer can I bound up the Lake District fells, but I do have other strengths now, like supporting voluntary organisations with admin, which I would not have discovered if I had not developed a health condition.

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Carkaisabellacolin in reply to Ergendl

It's really bizarre how things can suddenly change I saw my pulmonologist today and he did say it wasn't uncommon. The good thing is at the moment my heart is in good condition . Considering my lungs condition.

My headaches are slowing easing so keeping fingers crossed the meds start to work.

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My blood pressure went up quite noticeably in the runup to my husband's recent op, and it didn't come down afterwards when I was supposed to be his nurse. I'm now waiting for an echocardiogram and other tests to see what is going on and whether my existing blood pressure meds need changing. I hope that as your lungs start to recover your bp will come back down. xxx

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Carkaisabellacolin in reply to Alberta56

I do hope things will be ok with your echocardiogram . I had my heart checked and thankfully it is strong no problems.Now on meds to help relieve the pains things seem to be improving.

Small steps. Us lung patients know that we have to have patience.

Good luck x x

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Alberta56 in reply to Carkaisabellacolin

Knowing we have to have patience doesn't mean we're very good at being patient. 😣😣🙃 xxx

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I think high blood pressure and cholesterol affects loads of people as they age. I was in hospital for 10 days with Pneumonia and Pleurisy Nov 2019, and I have since been diagnosed with mild to moderate Heart Failure. This is under control with medication. I suggested to the heart consultant that the heart failure could be due to the pneumonia and pleurisy, and he said "possibly". Also, tablets are also looking after my cholesterol, and COPD and Bronchiectasis. Your heart and your lungs are dependent on each other; if either does not work properly then the other suffers.

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Carkaisabellacolin in reply to Lutontown

Yes your right they need each other and often we don't realise just how much our body struggles. Trying to keep positive take care and hope your meds help relieve things x x

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I had a nasty asthma attack and my blood pressure and heart have both gone out of control a bit. For me asthma and heart issues are a bit linked.

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Carkaisabellacolin in reply to Homely2

I think asthma can defiantly put a strain .My asthma has been really terrible and had to have intravenous meds so looking at the wider picture it seems all linked.

Hope all will be ok for you x xx

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I have taken BP tablets for years losartan that are a potassium salt but recently had an emergency operation for strangulated hernia. Had no official after care . Fell between two charities changeover ! So got no post op advice and didn't know you had to take laxatives to keep bowels clear . When i did it sent my BP haywire as it seems to be a another potassium salt ! Did the doctor i spoke to actually look at my health record . ? So i do take my BP readings daily and try to balance this out . No chance to get any appointments these days .

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Carkaisabellacolin in reply to Jaybird19

Sounds terrible I do hope you get sorted soon x x x

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