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I've just gone through a nasty dose of covid made worse as turned to chest infection ,still testing positive 13day today although line has faded a bit today,problem is I have spoken to two GPS this week ,explaining on 9th day of antibiotic and 4th day of steriod ,chest not much better very tight very breathless ,one of the GPS ask could I get hold of nebulizer, I said yes ,he said I will give you prescription for saline nibs ,I recieved omrom nebulizer this morning from amazon, set it up placed saline med in it after inhaling the med my chest feel worse more tight more breathless quite frightening, so I've just inhailed three puffs of ventilin, wondering why nebulizer saline made me feel worse anyone any idea

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Hi Alice. What strength saline did the doc give you. Isotonic saline, which is 0.09% should be ok but the hypertonic salines, 0.3, 0.5. or 0.7% can cause spasm by irritating your airways. Hypertonic is usually tried in hospital clinic before being prescribed. Even isotonic saline can cause spasm if it doesn't suit you. I think that you should stop the saline and tell the doctor. I'm sorry that the covid is giving you such a problem..

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Hi Littleport I'm not sure on box it just says saline steri 0.9% ,don't know if I've panic ,because I also felt light headed maybe through over breathing ,now I remember when I was first diagnosed I was tested to see if I could have salt therapy ,if I remember they said my breathing needed to be over 42%,it wasn't so was told I wasn't able to have it

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Littlepom in reply to Alice70

Sorry Alice, I got my decimal point in the wrong place 🤪 0.9% is the isotonic and not as strong as the hypertonic. It is not suiting you and as you have been told before that you shouldn"t have it I think that you should remind the doc of that. Covid is very difficult to deal with and even more of a problem if you have bronch. I guess that they are trying to find the right thing to do but it doesn't seem that nebbed saline is it.

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Alice70 in reply to Alice70

No I think I will leave it ,don't think it is for me

I was nebulised with salbutamol a couple of years ago by a nurse practitioner who visited me at home. Within 5 minutes I was really struggling to breathe. As Littlepom said, stop using it and let your doctor know, it is obviously causing quite severe irritation to your airways.

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Alice70 in reply to CDPO16

Yes I think it's the best advice leave it alone ,thanks Carol

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CDPO16 in reply to Alice70

Do let your doctor know too Alice. It needs to be noted on your records too. I'm sorry that you're having such a rough time and hope you soon start to feel better. Carole xx

Pete has Mucoclear to nebulise and that is basically saline solution. He has to take his Ventolin nebule first to open up the airways so maybe that’s what you need to do too. Speak to your doctor first of course Alice. Feel better soon xxx

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Thanks Sassy ,I won't use agian until speaking to my own gp

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I do the same as Pete and it works very well — ventalin to open the airwaves then mucoclear to break up the phlegm. If I have a really bad exacerbation I have another ventalin neb afterwards. But then I don’t have Covid so maybe that changes things.

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sassy59 in reply to Straddie

👍You could be right Straddie . Take care xxx

Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Any inhaled medication can cause bronchospasm, which is where the airways get tighter and cause breathlessness or wheeze in response to what’s being inhaled,. You don’t say what strength saline the GP gave you (there’s isotonic ‘normal saline’ which is 0.9%, but also hypertonic saline, which is used in some respiratory conditions and comes in strengths of 3, 6 or 7%), but it sounds like you’ve experienced bronchospasm as a result. I would contact your GP and ask for advice: some people may be able to tolerate saline if inhalers are used before the neb, but some people can’t tolerate it at all, and you definitely need medical advice before even contemplating nebbing it again. The last thing you want is something that’s meant to be making you better making you a lot worse.

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Alice70 in reply to Charlie_G

Thanks Charlie ,I'm going to leave it for now

So sorry you are still poorly.I can only speak from my viewpoint as a severe asthmatic and am not a doctor.

Saline nebulisers excerbate my asthma as does sea air.

I use my Omicron nebuliser with salbutamol nebules prescribed by GP.

I do hope you are able to speak with your GP and feel better soon.

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Alice70 in reply to Cloudancer

Thank you ,I'll ring agian monday

Hi wishing you better soon,take care

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Alice70 in reply to B0xermad

Thank you

Hope you get it sorted soon Alice70 and find some meds that suit you, getting over covid for some can be a lengthy process so keep talking to your gp x

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Alice70 in reply to Izb1

Tested agian this morning 14th day thank goodness the red line on covid tester has faded ,should have negative test by tomorrow ,thank you so much

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Izb1 in reply to Alice70

Thank goodness for that, plenty of tlc and try to build your strength back up, take care x

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Alice70 in reply to Izb1

Feeling a little better today thank you

Hi Alice70. I hope you have spoken to your GP and are feeling better. x

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Alice70 in reply to JJ_7

I feel a little better today thank you ,I will speak to my gp monday

Hope you feel better soon Alice.

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Alice70 in reply to Dedalus

I do do feel a little better today thank you

i can't offer advice, just sympathy. Hope you are soon feeling better. xxx

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Alice70 in reply to Alberta56

I do feel a little better today thank you

I hope you go on feeling better and get better each day. xxx

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