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Pineapple Plants good for bronchiestasis

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Hi All, I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere before that pineapple plants are good for people who suffer from bronchiestasis, Does anybody have any advice on this and are any other plants good for this condition ?

Many thanks 😊

14 Replies
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Hi Her12 I've heard the same but I can't remember where. But I love pineapple so I'd eat it anyway. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Pineapple can be useful with mucus but be aware it is a high sugar fruit so shouldn’t eat too much.

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I have had bronch all of my life- 72 years. I like pineapple but it does nothing for bronch. If you like it, eat it but don't think that anything other than the self management and the correct antibiotics is going to make a significant difference to it's symptoms.

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Homer12 in reply to Littlepom

Thanks for the reply,I don’t really eat much pineapple but I remember reading somewhere that a pineapple plant was good for people like us with bronchiestasis

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Littlepom in reply to Homer12

It's quite good at 'cutting' mucus and cattarrh but not sufficiently 'heavy duty to be seriously effective. But if you like it, why not ?

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Hi I was given one and it said on the label good for air quality but unfortunately I killed it after 6mths so testing the theory hasn't worked 🙃

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My other half gave me a bromeliad plant, which looks like a washed up pineapple with no fruit. It needs to be kept moist but not soaked, and in a bright position that is out of direct sunlight. He bought it because it looks unusual. It would be lovely to think it is also helping to clean the air.

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If you check online for plants to help clean the air or help to breath better quite a few will come up, hope this helps 😊

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Hi Homer, I have bronchiectasis and aspergillosis and read somewhere that fresh pineapple contains bromelain and is anti inflammatory so is good for lungs. I buy a fresh pineapple every week now and eat it everyday. If nothing else I enjoy it and who knows - every little helps! 😀

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Hi Homer, I don't know anything about pineapple plants being good for Bronchs but I do use plants which give out oxygen and clear the air. The plants I use are peace lily, spider, Boston fern etc. In other words I go to the garden centre and seek out recommended plants. Hope this helps Maximonkey

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Hi Homer, this is not advice and only my opinion based on my own bronchiectasis and chronic sinusitis observations. I have found that Pineapple extract i.e. Bromelain is very effective as an mucolytic and natural anti-histamine. I nebulise with it every night and it helps me clear my lungs. It also mitigates the cetirizine hydrochloride side effects, which I find very helpful when I need to take the anti-histamines. I am also hoping that that it will stop my empyema from coming back.

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Homer12 in reply to Milo1998

Thanks for the reply,That’s good to know as I also suffer from sinusitis 😊

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Littlepom in reply to Milo1998

Can you tell me who prescribed the bromelain for nebulising. Was it your consultant?

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Drinking pineapple juice is good for lungs and eating them too- the enzymes break up mucus

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