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You don't know how I feel, I've just managed to have a shower for the first time in nearly 12 months, a very quick one but so happy that only been able to strip wash as so breathless. I'm putting it down to using CBD tincture the legal one in the UK for the last 3 days. My lack of breath is a good bit better & I hope & pray it continues & not a one off. Will let you know how I get on in a weeks time.

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I can sympathize with you, I have trouble with my breath when showering. If I can't manage I have to have a strip wash but at least I'm clean. Have a good night and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

It may sound strange but I have an adjustable chair in my shower which is the same type used in hospital when some people need to use for the toilet. Very handy and get a full wash👍

I do feel for you, I use not always a chair in my shower but if I struggle to much I definitely use him. You should not rush it take your time when showering. Would I rush I would be totally stressed and with stress comes breathlessness. Of course it's not easy when out if breath but to have a shower once a day is important, for your circulation.

I can remember when I was in hospital and not so well at all, they helped me to get my daily shower.

But I definitely happy for you that you had a shower. Please be careful to get better again. Best wishes 🌺🌺🌺

Good luck Jansy and hope you can continue to enjoy a shower. Take care xxx

Well done and congratulations Jansy, be proud of your achievements may they continue :)

Best wishes BK

Well done ! Great feeling when you have achieved something! Here’s to the next challenge! 👍🌷

Well, that's excellent news! I hope the improvement continues for you so that a regular shower (even if only monthly or weekly) can become part of your routine again. I know how much I missed it when I couldn't shower for a while.

Glad you have found something that seems to be working for you. Keep us posted, won't you, as it will be good to hear if the improvement is sustained - or you get even better!

xx Moy

When showering try facing the shower when washing your head and face looking to the floor you are able to breath more easily.

Great insight…I have been doing that, but didn’t entirely notice.

That’s Great News I Bet It Was Amazing For U This CBD Sounds Good Where Do U Get Jansy16 U Take Care Keep Safe 🖤🖤

HiSorry to hear that.

What is CBD?

Its a Cannabis oil, or known as CBD oil drops which you put under the Tongue. The legal one in the UK.

Thanks now I know

Well done Jansy16. And perhaps now you have showered once it will give you confidence to do it again. Take care. Brian

I also have a problem trying to have a shower. I only manage a part one every 2 weeks. All I can do is wash my hair but as soon as I try to rinse it I start getting breathless. I rinse it as best I can but cannot manage to wash my body. I use the large body wipes for my body and they leave me refreshed. What luxury a proper shower would be

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