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Let myself down tonight

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I have been feeling really down for the past few months and tonight I, after 5 months had a cigarette. What an idiot thing to do!! Did it make my problems go away, did I feel happier? No! Just goes to show, its not the giving up of cigarettes that are making me depressed! Its my life choices...so moral of this post is.. Don't blame your depression On the giving up smoking. Lol

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Carol, at least you feel really bad that you had a fag. We all have weak moments and need a smoke. I gave up in 1997 which is a long time ago, but recently with own probs, get the craving, but no way would I turn out in the rain to spend mega bucks on fags.

Dont feel guilty. Just dont have the fags in the house. It sounds as if you are feeling depressed. I see this time after time at this time of the year. Good idea is to talk to us in the forum. Dont feel alone. Depending on how bad your depression is, you might need to talk to your GP. All the very best xx

Please don't be too hard on yourself! One day at a time, tomorrow you will be a non-smoker again, because you are worth it!!! Be your own best friend, never give up on you! hugs huff xxx

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i like be your own best friend can use that so many ways

Hi Carol please don't beat yourself up over it,at least you realised that the damn fags won't solve your depression.I have a feeling you are stronger than you think we are all with you in spirit.Love Bengunn,xxx

Hi Carol, please don't feel so bad about cjggy, it was only the one which you didn't enjoy anyway, as the others say its another day today, I think we all get depressed this time of year with this illness because we feel so unwell half the time, you are not alone, take care and keep warm.

Jude x

Look on it as a trial run. So, today you stop smoking. xx

It must have been one of those night last night. I gave up 11 months ago but last night the cravings were getting to me. I keep one of those little nicotell inhalaters in the cupboard, the

capsule is all used up so, no nicotine, just the action of putting it to my mouth and keeping it in my hand helps. I have heard some people use a pen or other cig shaped article.

Hi Carol,don't beat yourself up about it,or you'll be reaching for another! One slip up,isn't the end of the world!

As others said,a new day tomorrow! xx

Thanks all. I thought I would post my slip to show that cigarettes are not the solution to anything. I am around people who smoke and have not mugged them for a cigarette but yesterday I had asked my step son for

one. I don't feel the need to go and buy any and my step son s staying all weekend and I dont want one. I have no idea why I had one yesterday, think I was hoping it would help with my feeling Of being fed up. So now we all know, cigarettes are not the answer. Thank you though for taking the time to reply. I just wish I could get over this sinking feeling. If I analyze it I feel like I am not in control of my situation and that I don't have the support I want to gain control. I am seeing the doctor at the hospital on Tuesday so I am hoping I will get some answers to my questions and reasons for this down feeling!

Hi Carol don't beat yourself up about this ciggy we all make mistakes we have all been very tempted, start again tomorrow

Not even been bothered worth a cigarette today. I still feel down but have finally realised cigarettes don't make a difference. After 5 months, I think I can say cigarettes don't change anything or make a difference to the way you feel. To be fair its been a good learning curve.

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