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tight/bloated stomach

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hi all, does anyone suffer with being bloated and there belly being tight?il it feels like this effects my breathing.

just wondered if anyone else gets this and if it does play a part in the asthma


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Its strange you should ask that as my asthma has been all over the place and I have the same stomach issue over the last few weeks. I dont know if there is a connection or not?

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I posted about this before I think. I definitely have this and sometimes if I eat too much get short of breath. I think it’s normal and could even be related to gut issues.

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Emaych61 in reply to Beefull8

I sometimes get breathing issues from eating, but in my case it’s almost certainly connected to digestive issues. I’m currently under consultant led care for GI tract issues including possible reflux. Reflux can cause breathing issues that feel very similar to those caused by asthma. I also sometimes get bloating (and I don’t always know what has triggered it), but I think that is more likely to be IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I have been checked for food allergies (via blood test) and they all came back negative.

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Beefull8 in reply to Emaych61

I have GERD as well and IBS. Didn’t realize they were all related.

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Emaych61 in reply to Beefull8

I don’t know that a connection has been established. Certainly it’s not unusual for asthmatics to develop GORD and studies are ongoing to see if there is a link between the two but as far as I’m aware nothing has been found yet. It’s not unusual for IBS sufferers to also develop GORD but again I don’t know if there is reason for that.

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You need to ask your GP. He may recommend omeprazole to help.

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I have permanent bloat due to being bent from OP fractures.It also affects my asthma as my lungs and innards are compressed.Also find bread bloats me,shame as I love it,and dairy as allergic.I guess if you bloat it takes up space for lungs and restricts your breathing more.

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Hiya, I dont have GERD but get similar symptoms to you if I eat medium to large meals . apparently my asthma materialised as a result of covid in April 2020. I never had this issue prior to April 2020. From my own experience I think the inhalers and courses of steroids impact on or affect digestion to a degree resulting in bloating. But everyone is different and have different experiences

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