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15 days post Covid cough!

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Tested positive 15 days and was negative on day 5. It was mild just sore throat but am left with this horrendous cough sounds more dreadful to other people than it actually is. Just concerned whether it will turn into a chest infection. Coping ok at the moment any advice and tips how to get rid of it. Thanks

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Hi, I had covid 16 days ago and tested positive on day 8. I did have a chest infection with it and needed a course of pred and antibiotics which cleared it up,..I was still a bit gunky and it was hard to clear for about another 3/4 days but my GP said they’ve seen this happen sometimes with covid so didn’t give me more antibiotics. It did clear eventually as it happened.

I hope you manage to avoid an infection but see your gp if need be!

Also tested positive 15 days ago today. Got a chest infection after about 10 days. I have been prescribed antibiotic which I have been taking for 3 days which seems to be working. Normally an athletic type I have been doing some serious resting but tried a bit of excercising yesterday which resulted in major fatigue later.

My asthma has been very stable thankfully and I have suffered no ill effects on that front. I guess it will take a while to get back to normal so I am planning a gradual return to full activity over about 8 weeks. Hope all goes well with your recovery.

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Have always suffered from asthma cough. How can I tell whether the cough is going to turn into a chest infection. What are the main symptoms of chest infection, will it be fever and generally unwell.? Apart from the wet cough I feel ok and manage doing my yoga but can be a bit embarrassing in a group. Thanks

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Chest infections for me tend to arise as secondary infections to colds. The main Symptom is a productive cough where the phlegm is yellowish. Also attendant inflammation can be felt as a soreness or tightness of the lungs when breathing. It differs from an asthma episode for me where breathing is simply very limited.

Try boosting your immune system with high strength vitamin D - 4000 IU - it stopped a constant, productive cough I’d had for 7 weeks. The infection was cleared with strong clarithromycin - following 3 rescue courses of amoxicillin. But the cough continued with clear phlegm until a day or so after taking the high dose of vitamin D when it stopped.

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