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Hi still here in hospital could b the weekend home fingers crossed feeling better not perfect but better than I was very tired and not got a lot of energy on regular nebuliser still and last day of hydrocortisone back on to oral steroids tomorrow and c how I cope on them for a few days as a big drop back down from the IV hydrocortisone been on 150mg and going down to 40mg hope everyone well

14 Replies
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Pleased things are improving for you.

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Good to hear your making progress, hope you carry on improving.

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So pleased you are feeling better. Take care xxx

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Hope you get home soon. Take care of yourself. xxxx

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Hope it works out well for you!

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Keeping you in my prayers.I hope everything goes as well as possible,and you manage to get home soon. Thinking of you.Hugs.

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Wishing you well Tracey1972,hope you get home soon,you are in my thoughts &prayers..Good luck &God bless...x

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It's good to hear you're feeling better. Fingers crossed you can go home soon x

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Tracey1972 in reply to Mywalti

Thanks should b today waiting on loss results they just took to make sure I’m on the right dose I have started Uniphiline 300 mg so got to get it right strength still wheezing and puffy but have to take it easy when out x

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I'm sure you know to take it easy. It's windy today and I won't be going out. Take care x

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hi my names Dee ,sorry u been having a hard time of it sending u warm wishes

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Tracey1972 in reply to Deedee111

Hi thank u pleased to meet u

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Deedee111 in reply to Tracey1972

do u have subcutaneous infusion as this stops u going into hospital alot its not a magical solution but helps ur breathing alot of the time , I also take lots of nebs also some Dr s don't like using the subcutaneous infusion. The bromton hospital is great are u still in hospital. I feel for u I been in , ITU many many times not nice. Hope ur day is going the best it can hugs xxx

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Hello Tracey 1972 sincerely hope that you are now feeling much better,you must at all costs try to relax,& take things easy, & above all try to think positive as sometimes we are not quite as bad as we think we are &as time goes on &the weather gets much better,you will be able to get out & about a little & that will make a big difference to you too & make you feel much better,this dreadful cold weather has quite an effect on most of us asthma sufferers,but try not to worry too much Tracey & be as stress free as you possibly can,(as stress can be a major trigger with us asthma sufferers ) & I am sure things will start to get better for you as time goes on!!!Take care,Tracey 1972,& I wish you good luck & improving health for the future, you will be in my thoughts & prayers,& may God bless you always...x

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