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Hi when I was 37 i had hysterectomy as had fibroids and bad smear test. They left my ovaries. When I was 42 I hade breast cancer which had spread to lymph nodes so had lumpectomy chemo and radiotherapy. It was also decided to zap my ovaries with radiotherapy as an extra precaution. Now 19 years later because of health problems, bloating, constipation, etc. I have just had ct scan quickly followed by ultra sound of pelvis inside and out! Imagine my shock when the nurse said I still have ovaries. That was couple of days ago and I am worried sick, all my symptoms pointed to ovarian cancer but I kept saying I don’t have any. I am just sitting waiting now to hear from hospital, quite sore from the poking around inside. Xx

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Hi there,

We're sorry you're feeling very worried and are having health issues. It sounds very stressful, especially after your previous gynae and breast cancer treatments. Once you have heard back from the hospital, if you have any questions, our Gynae Nurse Specialist is available on

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