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Does anyone take co-codamol along with Gabapentin ? I have been prescribed Gabapentin but have been taking co-codamol for many years .

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Gabapentin was making me fall ,I even wound up in hospital for a week . I looked it up and it does make you fall . Becareful

Thank you x

You should have your blood pressure checked out if falling over also I am on Pregabalin now but I was on gabapentin and Zormorph and lots more other heavy meditation but I don't fall over there must be a reason why your falling over but as we all know we not book text cases we individually people and we all different one person can cope lots meditation and some people can't sorry

Hello, Prescribed medication by a doctor is specific to each patient, and should the directions followed carefully. . There are always possible side effects taking any medication so you must take advice from your doctor. They will know your health history and will be able to advise you safely.Best wishes.

C x

You obviously have a decent G.P. I sadly do not and have already had to veto 2 prescription because they are contraindicated for other problems . I now find it necessary to check out all prescribed medications . A sad state .

HiI've been on Cocodamol for years for lower back pain but then I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and the doctor gave me Gabapentin as well. I take both and yes, the Gabapentin made me feel like I was walking like a puppet, very disjointed walking for a while but after a bit I started feeling the benefit. I wouldn't do without it now but it is different for everyone. I have peripheral neuropathy as well as arthritis and it has definitely helped ease the pain from all of them when I take the two tablets together.

Good Luck

Thank you , the information I was looking for xx

Co codamol is an opiate, & addictive. GPS have been warned Not to overprescribethis drug. Taking Gabapentin alongside cocodamol is not recommended.

Our local hospital Did have a back pain clinic ( before this pandemic).

The procedure was: The Rheumatologist would recommend nothing until an MRI had been taken. Then, depending on

the findings, an exercise programme is implemented for each individual.

Sometimes, medication is also prescribed, depending on whether the pt. is

taking other medication, including over the counter.

Occasionally, surgery is recommended. I am currently awaiting a guided

epidural steroid injection, for degenerative disc disease. I am frequently

in pain, but the back exercises Do help. Meanwhile, my Rheumatologist

has prescribed Gabapentin, which I try Not to take on a daily basis, because

of the side effects.

We are lucky in this area. Our NHS is excellent.

Hope this helps.


Thank you , as I've indicated before , it all boils down to the G.P. you are allocated . Mine just dishes out co codamol with no interest in an actual diagnosis .x

I can't take cocodamol, upsets my stomach. Have been taking gabapentin for a couple of years now. Also take ibuprofen during the day and amitriptyline before I go to bed to help me sleep. Still wake up in pain, but during the day it isn't so bad. Have now got a new symptom, numbness at top of thigh going up to just above my hip and in my foot. I have had numbness and stiffness in my hands for some time. Dr has referred me to physio and sending me for blood tests for arthritis.

Thank youx

I have been on Co-codamol for break through pain and gabapentin plus other even stronger morphine medication and I haven't had any problems with any of them. This is for osteoarthritis in most of my body and osteoporosis and as you say your GP is the best person to know you. By the way I have never fallen over with gabapentin either

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