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Rheumatoid attack

Hi everyone, just a quick question.

Does anyone know of any natural remedies to counter a rheumatoid attack ? This cold weather has caused an attack in my hand joints

Many thanks


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diet is everything. Not only can you reverse some of the symptoms of arthritis but also you can ward off other health challenges. All around me are people going down with colds and flu, whilst I am relativey immune and have been ever since I went on my whole food plant based diet. The worst I get is a small sniffle.

As for the arthritis I was in a wheelchair back in early 2016 with a CRP of 177, lots of meds and 40 years of arthritis behind me, including MTX. Last weekend I celebrated my wedding anniversary in Bruges and climbed the famous clock tower with ease, no meds in sight, no pain, no inflammation.

My physical recovery was done with daily Bikram yoga because so much of my body had absolutely no strength at all. So it wasn't all diet. But without my dietary changes my CRP would not be zero and I never would have been able to hobble to my first yoga class and sit on the stool un the studio because of that lack of strength.

It is not easy but It is possible.

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Have you tried a good quality CBD oil ? I suffer with arthritis type pain , currently undergoing tests , been pretty much housebound this last year - I started on CBD oil (cannabis oil) and it’s helped me no end !


Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I’ve heard of it. I was told it was for sale at Holland & Barrett as It’s legal to use.

I might try it. Thanks again


Holland & Barrett isn’t the best one to try - reviews are bad . Hempelf online , there’s s number you can call for advice - or CBD Brothers online are again a reputable company . Failing that Boots have started to sell it . All I can say is it’s worked amazing for me

Best of luck


I’m going to try it. Thanks for taking time out to reply



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I am new to this site but have been “diagnosed” with RA for nearly 20yrs. I’ve been on all sorts of meds and diets and exercise and everything everyone has suggested (inc cbd)

Long story short for flare ups .... I’ve found drinking turmeric tea which I make myself ... 1xhalf teaspoon of excellent quality ground turmeric with 1x teaspoon ground Nigerian ginger and lemon juice /honey to taste. After 24hrs of drinking this 3-4times a day the flare up has usually lessened to manageable. Although it usually takes 1-2weeks for the flare up to fully subside.

Forcing yourself to keep active and stretching also helps.

I believe everyone is different but if you find something that works stick with it.


Hi what drugs do you take for your RA ?


Currently ... (after trying methotrexate, leuflonomide, sulfazalazine, gold injections, tocilizumab, and nsaids including ..diclofenic, naproxen, arcoxia, & Brufen) ... so back to currently ...I’m taking etoricoxib (arcoxia.. again), pregablin, amatryptaline, cocodomol, weekly injections of benepali and a new patch called butec . ( there is a new doc at my practice and he is very good reviewing meds monthly)

It has been a hard slog to get here with a lot of trial and error.

I looked for patterns in flare ups, reasons for the pain and inflammation, and so on and so forth. It isn’t easy and nobody really understands it unless they go through it... it is hard and you feel awful, One minute you are a normal person and the next you are in the most immense pain you have ever known to the point you can’t see a way out and you think it will never end ( took them six months to diagnose me and then it was done through my finger nails !)

As I said in the earlier post everyone is different and different treatments and diets work for different people.

How are you coping ?


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