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knee replacement


Can you wait to long before you have a knee replacement Went to fracture clinic after falling and breaking some bones in my wrist and they had the xrays of my knees the consultant went on and on about how bad they are and they need replaceing I do a lot of exersize and walking although I have some pain I manage on 2 paracetamol a day so do I wait until the pain is really bad or have them done now while im younger(61) and fitter I have got arthritis in hips( have had one hip replaced) hands knees feet and spine many thanks for your help

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I'm new to this forum and would like to know the answer as well ! There doesn't seem to be much activity on this site !!

Hi there, this is what I know if you have replacement knees too early you may need another op as you get older. Of course in your case you have many arthritic joints that affect mobility so having them replaced or fixed could help prevent falls and other fractures, so guess to some degree the doctor is right. There are other options besides replacement these days, for some joints. I would ask a few more questions before going ahead. Knee ones are sometimes done by laproscope these days making recovery quicker. There is some research going on in respect of Knees at the Synexus Laboritaries. And maybe the op might improve your mobility and pain. Best Wishes

Hi If you can do exercise and walking with your knees I wouldn't have them replaced. I had both my knees replaced (total) at 59 but had to wait for 10 years as they said 49 was too young even though I needed them then. It wasn't till I couldn't walk without the aid of 2 sticks that they agreed to replace them. So I wouldn't worry about having them do just yet because as the other person said - I will need another op in 10 years. Best to leave it until it is really necessary.

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