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Cannabis oil

Is it illegal to use cannabis oil in Scotland and the rest of the UK,if not where can I purchase it and how much does it cost

Thanks in advance

Harry Joe

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It’s illegal to use any cannabis products in the UK that contain THC (the psychoactive component that gets you high), but canabidiol (CBD) is legal and widely available. I get the sense that the tide is slowly turning on this as evidence mounts that it is effective in many areas including pain relief. But don’t hold your breath...

Do a search on here and you will find lots of threads where people recommend not using Holland & Barret although I can’t tell you if that’s for any genuine reason or just bias against that supplier. There are plenty of supplier and threads on here where people suggest specific suppliers.

There are also various forms of CBD, such as paste, oil etc and claims that some offer a more ‘relaxing’ experience and some a more ‘energising’ experience.

Personally I would suggest that CBD minus THC is not going to give you the same outcome regarding pain control, but some folk find great benefit from pure CBD products.

There are multiple (criminal) suppliers of whole plant cannabis extract / dry herb / etc - but as things stand they are illegal and quality will vary depending on supplier. Growing your own is a (relatively easy and ultimately cheaper) option, but I can’t possibly recommend that as it is illegal.

Buying the seeds, on the other hand, isn’t. Just make sure you don’t ever plant them and use it once you haven’t grown it. 😉


Holland and Barratt sell various (legal) cannabis based products. Capsules or oil, and gel to rub on. Various prices. Look on their website for more information.


Hi, I purchased Truth superfoods ltd organic CBD tincture and truth soothing balm a few days ago and it did not make any difference to my pain. Maybe its more for Athletes and muscular pain as opposed to bone pain. They did recommend liposomes but I did not order it. They sent free gummy bears too :)

Maybe it takes more than a few days to work. I felt a bit scared to carry on to be honest.

Good luck,



Hello, thank you for posting - this is an interesting we hear a lot and it's certainly fascinating to hear of everyone's different experiences. It is important to make sure you follow health guidelines and always seek your healthcare professional's advice and remember, when it comes to medicines, something that is obtained legally and is clinically tested, is the safest and most effective product designed for a condition for patient use. We would always err on the side of caution for anything that is not backed by scientific research and legislation, in the interests of safety.

All the very best, and keep us updated on your progress!


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I use cannabis oil and it is the only substance that has provided any relief, without nasty side effects. I am fortunate in that it is legal , medically in Canada and will soon be legal for everyone. More importantly, from my perspective is insurance companies , Sun Life, are making it part of group health benefits. This will cover the costs when medically required.

Perhaps the UK could start with availability for medical use. CBD oil is particularly good for cancer patients.