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One foot colder than the other?


I frequently have the problem that one foot is colder than the other. Like it's ice cold but I can feel a pulse (although it's a bit weak but that might be my subjective perception). It's not completely discolored, but sometimes they nailbed of the big toe looks a bit blue-ish....most of the time it doesn't hurts but sometimes it does.

I'm still getting tested for a variety of conditions (including arthritis) and I was wondering if that thing with my foot could be due to nerve damage? I don't think it's super dangerous but it's a bit weird and uncomfortable.

Does anyone get the same problem?

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Hi Cherry,

My husband has Type 2 diabetes and has neuropathy in his feet as a result. Although he can't feel anything if he treads on a stone or anything which would make a 'normal' person flinch he feels pain in them a lot of the time so is taking Gabapentin and Amitriptyline to help with this. His right foot is frequently stone cold while the left is warm though he can't feel the difference and I have to check them and let him know if he needs his socks on! The doctor has checked his pulse which was ok so the blood is still getting down there, you may well be right in thinking you may have some nerve damage. Probably worth getting the doctor to check it out, there is a test they do with a monitor and some gel(can't remember the proper name of it) which tells you exactly how good the pulse is. Hope this helps.


Ask for a Dopla test , your local surgery can do this. Dopla is an Ankle Brachial Index test,which checks the blood flow, on each leg. If below ‘90, your GP Can refer you to a Vascular Dr. To check blood flow & any plaque. Of course, it may not be this. Could be other reason. But this needs investigating.

Best wishes


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