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hip pain

had car crash 16 years ago shatter,d my hip had it pined screwed and plated over the last 13 mths been having bad pain and struggling to walk doctor sent me for xray to see whats going on in there

he rang today saying he wants to see me as my xray shows i have arthritis in my hip but theres not much they can do for me is that right ???

is there anything i can do to help myself


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I think I have said when they told me I needed a new hip it was because I had osteoarthrities of the hip took me over a year to lose the weight to get my operation but because I was in a wheel chair unable to walk so apart from doing a diet of 500 cals I would do chair based exercise and would do as many as I could anything to try and keep me moving and help burn some of the weight off surprising what exercise you can do from a chair, when they operated apparently I had worn through the hip socket and they had to do a bone graft but it was worth all the weight loss. at the moment I have a bad knee that I understand needs replacing but I have refused the op as I think the surgeon will send me away until I have lost weight again I have to lose the weight as the knee is getting worse. Do what ever you can to get that op as they must be able to do something for you.

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Hello shogg and thank you for posting. There is a lot you can do, in terms of managing the pain and the symptoms of arthritis. Our charity aims to teach people about self-management of arthritis. This approach entails slowly building up your activity levels, improving your dietary choices, to help your body manage inflammation, learn to identify what makes your body have a flare-up, as well as get physical therapy (this include seeing an osteopath, physiotherapist, or acupuncturist) to help you with your symptoms: arthritisaction.org.uk/livi...

You can see our Membership benefits here: arthritisaction.org.uk/bene...

I hope this is helpful in some way!

All the best,


Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

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