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Sleep propels following revision

Hi All, Looking for any suggestions that might help please. Have my first revision two weeks ago so now have a two week old hip and a twenty eight year old one! Also had major pelvis reconstruction. Have A.S. with totally spinal/neck/ rib fusion. I can only sleep on my back at present and no matter how pillows are placed cannot get comfortable and end up trying to sleep in an armchair, not really very satisfactory,don't want to take drugs either,any ideas, thank you

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Hi Bluebirdanthony, try sleeping with just one pillow, and another under your knees ! When I had my hip replacement 6 months ago this was the only way I could get anywhere near comfortable enough to sleep. After four weeks it got dramatically better, so good luck !


Thanks for reply, am now trying pillow under knees and less pillows as have totally fused spine have never been able to lie very flat, also the heels get very painful, it's so long sine my first hips cannot remember how l coped then, your advice very welcome, ta

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