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Hi. Has anyone had these and were they any good. I know from experience (5 injections in hip by GP that human guidance does not work well).

I can barely walk with all the arthritic pain and arthropathy and am desperate for something to work. I would welcome any and all advice on efficacy of these injections. Thank you.

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I have had injections in my ankles they word for about 2 ,months and a guided injection in my shoulder it worked well it's now worn off now waiting for another one in my shoulder again

Loveallama in reply to Flyby7

At least you had some pain relief because they've never worked for me! I do hope you are able to have more soon, especially as you are suffering with pain in two locations....fingers well and truly crossed!

lana59 in reply to Loveallama

Hi Loveallama. Pain relief wearing off already! The pain in my ankles appear to have become worse but I believe this is due to the fact that the relief from the injection showed just how painful my ankles have been all along. When doctors have asked me where it hurts most in my feet, I have always been at a bit of a loss as to pick out just one site - all of my feet hurt all of the time! I have since been told that I am NOT a candidate for surgery due to COPD and will be given just one more set of injections in my feet. I had to cancel these injections as they were due to be done by a back specialist! This doctor once refused to give me steroid injections in my spine as he felt I was "hypersensitive to pain"! I refuse to have treatment from someone who 8 years ago talked about surgery being unsuitable on my spine, asked me to stand and face away from him whereupon he poked and prodded me causing me pain and said that surgery on my spine would be extremely painful, but with fibromyalgia as well, "it would be excruciating"! I was unaware I had fibromyalgia. Worse, in his letter to my gp he did not mention anything about surgery but did say due to hypersensitivity to pain, it would not be an option to give me spinal injections. I am also unaware that I am "hypersensitive to pain". I would not contemplate having surgery in my spine now let alone 8 years ago as I know too many people who have come away worse with nerve damage to their limbs. I don't think I can be blamed for refusing injections in my feet by a man who 1. is a specialist in spinal problems, not feet and 2. has already shown himself to be a liar 8 years ago. Why can't I have the guy who did my feet last time?

Although these injections worked well for the first couple of weeks and not too badly over the next couple of months, they are not a solution by any means for me but at least I have had some respite which is something.

I am going for an ultrasound injection in my ankel on Wed this week, will leave updates later.

Ive had ultrasound guided injections into my shoulders and (after having several done previously without) have to say it was painless and easy. The result too was good - much less pain and increased movement.

I've never been offered them into my feet but it's something I may ask my consultant about! I too suffer from severe arthritis in my feet and toes.

Let me know how you get on ....and if the injections help!

lana59 in reply to Jillypops2

Hi Jillypops2. Had scan guided injections in feet on Saturday and have to say so far so good. I can't remember what joints they were injected into but I am pleased so far. Mind you, this could just be the local. If my pain diary shows the consultant that the pain relief is reducing at a slow rate I may be a candidate for fusion surgery on both feet. I just want to walk again without the preparation of a military campaign! Still have other issues with feet - significant OA and arthropathy but one step at a time eh?

Jillypops2 in reply to lana59

Well done you! Let's hope they keep working!

They've offered me fusion surgery on my feet but I'm putting it off! Id prefer to wait for implant surgery.

Janf1952 in reply to Jillypops2

What is implant surgery. I have had an injection which was partially successful although the pain shifted over and have been offered another after this wears off. After that I have been offered fusion surgery but am worried as I've heard that this greatly reduces mobility. I have never been offered implant surgery and must admit I've never heard of it. At the moment Im using a TENS m/c and I must admit that is helping. Does anyone else on here feel they are pushed from pillar to post. I had my injection in December and am still waiting for new orthotics!

Jillypops2 in reply to Janf1952

Implant surgery is not available on the NHS ...yet!!!! ...only private. It's where they implant a "cushion" between arthritic joints in the big toe. A friend of mine has had it and says it's very successful....I can't afford it though.

Hi, From my experience, don't worry. I had this just befo Christmas and still pain free in the big toe joint. Fab! Good luck .

Hi Iana59

I have had these injections in my knee which made no difference at all. The reason for them not working was that my knee was eroded and in bad condition anyway. I had these injections in my shoulder and neck for arthritic pain and a rotator cuff injury which is around the shoulder bone area. I have just had a repair for the rotator cuff and while in a lot of pain I hope I'm on the road to recovery. The injections made no impact at all.

My honest opinion is that they do this as a last resort before surgery. I got no benefit out of these at all. Is surgery an option for you?

I hope things get easier for you, gently hugs coming your way.

lana59 in reply to Heacdwrecked

Yes it is, but only if the injections are a success! Weird huh?

lana59 in reply to lana59

Update. I am still getting relief from the scan guided injections in my feet 3 months on tho' not as good as previously. Consultant said I am NOT a candidate for surgery as it entailed being in a cast then an off-loading boot but mainly because of my breathing problems (COPD). My gp thinks I'm cured and has reduced my pain meds again without consultation! I am due two more injections in my ankles soon as the pain seemed to get worse after the previous 2 injections, but I think it was the pain relief from them that showed up just how painful my ankles have been for so long.

Hi, Yes, had them in one of my ankles and it was wonderful for a few weeks. Pain was less for a few months but it always comes back. Still a few weeks/months respite is better than nothing.

Hi all. Thanks for all the advice - having injections next Saturday. Has anyone had surgery on their feet as a result of failed/successful scan guided injections? My consultant seems to think surgery only worthwhile if it has been successful. What constitutes successful I wonder - 6 weeks' pain relief, 6 months?

lana59 in reply to lana59

Still, anything has to be better than the horrendous pain.

Hi, i had one on my knee 2 days ago. Its more efficient than human guidance.

So far the pain in my knee has reduced considerably. I say go for it.

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