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Upper spine pain

I know I've mentioned this in several of my postings before about the pain that's in the upper part of my spine. Like I mentioned in my last post about it the last four days have been very uncomfortable and made me restless during the night as well. Since Monday it has seem that I'm feeling it more and tonight seems to be the worst do far. Standing at work for 8 hrs a day makes it worse. Moving the wrong way will Lso make it hurt more as well. This is starting to scare me some as well. I tolerate pain pretty well to some degree. It has to hurt a lot for me to speak up and say I'm uncomfortable. I found out earlier putting pressure on the area where it's painful makes it hurt more as well. I tried to stay off my feet as much as I could when I got home from work this afternoon. A sitting position is the only thing so far that makes me less uncomfortable. So I got to thinking maybe this shouldn't wait til my next appointment with my gp in September. I need relief now. I kind thought with it being warmer now it would ease up but it hasn't. I'm so tired of feeling like this day in and day out.

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