I asked my doctor to refer me to physio so could perhaps get my feet more mobile. I thought I would ring the hospital to see how far down the waiting list I was. I was told that Maidstone hospital does not take doctors referrals and that I would be going to Preston Hall Clinic. Whilst my husband was off work over the weekend, he took me there in the car, not too bad I thought a bus change in the town centre and then I'd be there. Oh no, that's not so as from the bus stop there is a good mile walk and some of it up hill too, far too much for me I just could not do it. Can't afford taxi fares and cannot drive now or I would drop my husband off at work and drive there myself so that is the end of that idea I will have to ring and cancel. It would seem unless you can afford expensive taxis or can afford for husband to have every visit to the clinic off of his work I will have to cancel the physio. I am going to try once again to get the doctor here to refer me to a specialist at the hospital and then i can get treatment and physio at the actual hospital. I'm so frustrated with it all, with my feet and back by the end of the day can hardly shuffle from room to room. I got over my knee op and thought things would improve, get one thing better and the others get worst!!! fed up

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  • Hope you can get it sorted nearer home with easy access. It seems common sense does not prevail on mobility issues.

  • Have you checked if there are any patient transport services available locally? Your GP's surgery may know of some or the clinic may have a pick-up & drop-off service?

    Some do so worth asking.

  • Will look into his it's worth asking, thank you

  • Sometimes surgerys have their own Physios or there are semi local small health centres that have Physios . Our surgery has 2 supporting voluntary car services taking people to the surgery as well as other medical establishments.

  • Phone up the dept and explain your situation. As others have already suggested there may be other options available. If you are on certain benefits (although not sure which ones) you can also claim back travel costs to NHS appointments. Not sure if that covers taxi costs (knowing the NHS, probably not!) but worth asking. Or look into patient transport.

  • Hello vondel - that sounds very frustrating! We hope you get a referral you can get to soon. Hang on in there and good luck from us.

    Arthritis Action Team

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