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Wear and tear

I was diagnosed with wear and tear to my ankles back in 2011, and used my doctors advice and the podiatrist help to be issued with shoe inserts. Following a later consultation at the hospital it was suggested that I would need to have fusion to my ankle but don't give up on the inserts. They thought that injections may help, but I was put off that from hearing of a poor outcome to control the pain so I gracefully declined. Now I find myself in some pain whilst walking and limited to the effort to walk even just doing a weekly shop at the supermarket. I wonder if anyone on this site has been through the operation to fuse the ankle and how successful it was as an outcome to lead a normal life, and with what limitation as the ability to walk pain free again.

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Good information, many thanks.


I know a lady who was due to have that done but first she was given a plastic ankle boot which would give an idea as to how it would feel. Maybe you could see about haveing one of those to try or two if it both ankles it may even help the painas it keeps the ankle in the position it would be fused to. I may have to have my thumb fused and am not sure in what position they fuse it as obviously you use your thumb to pick things up etc. Good luck I hope you get some relief soon.


Thanks for the information, it certainly is a good comment.


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